What is your method of HX brew temperature management?

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

What is your method of HX brew temperature management?

Flush by observing the water dance
Flush by volume/time following others' recommendations
Flush by volume/time using thermofilter
Flush by volume/time using thermocouple in basket
No votes
Flush by volume/time using E61 thermocouple/thermometer adapter
Other (please explain)
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Managing the brew temperature of heat exchanger espresso machine requires the barista to flush overheated water before beginning an extraction. Several popular methods of determining the proper method flush amount have emerged, as denoted in the poll responses. Some methods rely on "on the fly" usage (e.g., water dance, E61 thermocouple adapter), other methods rely on measurement tools like the thermofilter to determine in advance the best flush regime. What is your method of HX brew temperature management?
Dan Kehn

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Ever since I got my Anita, I've been using the water dance for my temp management. I've been meaning to get a E-61 adapter but keep spending my money elsewhere.

I've gotten pretty comfortable with a few coffees that I get very often such as Redline, Kid O's and Toscano. but when I try a new coffee, it throws me for a loop and I'll end up with a few more bitter or sour shots.

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Mike McGinness

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I chose the E61 thermocouple adapter option, but maybe an addendum is in order. I don't have the thermocouple adapter but Eric's adapter using a modified digital thermometer that is mounted in the same location. Using it, I just flush until I reach the temperature I have figured out before hand (mostly trial-and-error, but had use of a thermofilter for a few hours one time) and then pull the shot or rebound and pull.

I've tried to use the water dance as a gauge, but I have a hard time identifying the end of it precisely because the vibe pump is so loud and it's hard to see exactly when it ends. I just hope my thermometer never stops working!


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Other vote explanation:
PID and setpoint adjustment so machine stabilizes at nearly perfect brew temperature.

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Other: More of the same. On my rotary machine there is a clear auditory drop off at the end of the water dance which demarcates my "start point". So my answer would be Listen. From this start point I count in my head "one-thousand, two-thousand, three-thousand" etc. to my desired temperature. This temperature corresponding to the number of counted "thousands" was initially verified and charted (and occasionally re-verified from time to time since then) with my Scace thermofilter. Interesting how with simple counting post-water dance on the A3 I am able to easily and very consistently pull shots at what ever temperature I desire (I'm talking to like within 0.2-0.3 degrees F per reading on this digital thermometer). All made simple with Greg's thermofilter tool and my Fluke!

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I flush by time post water dance and use my taste to judge the temperature. When it tastes right I have the correct temperature.
Dave Stephens

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Other Vote reply:
I bought a La Spaziale Vivaldi II. Managing the brew temperature is a breeze now.

(no more water dance crap for this boy)