What is the right ground coffee weight

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All I have a new Mazzer mini and seem to be having some issues with what is the correct weight to use. I see a lot of folks reckon 14-15 grams of ground coffee. This seems to little i usually use about 20-21grams. Can someone set me right as if 15 is the go i need to make my grind finer

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Depends on the basket your using and what espresso machine your using.

Let alone bean quality and what that weight means to your dose level...

Then some fine tuning to get what you want in the cup.

I don't like focusing on numbers as too many variables :lol:

Rather look at Grind / dose / tamp and cup. Then make minor adjustments to ONLY one thing at a time and see how it changes the cup.
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You want the shot to flow slowly enough to produce about 1.5 ounces by volume in about 25 to 30 seconds.

To do this when you use 14 or 15 grams of coffee, you need to grind it much finer than when you use 20 or 21. By grinding much finer, you will extract more of the coffee. This will favor the sweet caramel flavors.

If you use 20 to 21 grams, you will need to grind much more coarsely, and won't extract the caramels. So the acidic and bitter flavors will be more prominent.

All you need to do is the spot along the continuum of finer grind/less weight to coarser grind/more weight that produces the best taste. If you want to waste a few years before getting anything that tastes remotely good, change just the weight without changing grind, or vice versa.
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Jim, what is the result if one runs a higher-dosed shot longer, to more fully extract it. Can it have the same effect of bringing out the caramels?
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I agree with Jim's comments above, I would just add that I find it best to start at 14g and work up, you will soon see if the flavour profile is changing in a way you prefer or not. I have generally found that lower doses in the 14g range produce a flavour I prefer - but then I am no fan of the style produced by overdosing in 3rd wave cafes.
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