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#1: Post by doug »

The combination of these two:

...though some may prefer the 2" mirror. Just take the cover off the 3M sticky on the tilt mount, and place it way off center on one side of the beveled mirror. $15. Base is magnetic, but soft rubber so shouldn't scratch a drip tray.

3 count of 2" instead...
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#2: Post by Willinak »

Excellent Doug! I just got this but I think I like your idea better!

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doug (original poster)
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#3: Post by doug (original poster) »

A 1.25X concave slightly magnifying and lighted mirror at maybe a 2.5" diameter would make it perfect, but we can't have everything we need in life.


#4: Post by tinman143 »

Doug - thanks for sharing the magnet phone holder. It's exactly what I needed and kicking myself for not thinking it that idea! I already had a 1.5" automobile convex mirror (for side view mirror) so this paired perfectly. Thanks again :D

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doug (original poster)
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#5: Post by doug (original poster) »

You might find a convex automotive blind spot mirror doesn't provide enough magnification for the basket bottom? I guess it all depends on the distance from your drip tray to the basket.

Given that three 2" beveled mirrors are only $10 with shipping, it still boggles the mind the prices being charged for less effective mirrors. I understand paying $50 for a shot mirror if it incorporates an exotic wood base that exactly matches the other handles and knobs... but otherwise nope.


#6: Post by atao »

Just got these two from Amazon, it's working great, thank you Doug!

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#7: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

What I don't like about these mirror mounts is that magnets won't stick to most stainless steel, meaning that they would have to be glued to the machine. I would use silicone as an adhesive so that it can be easily removed and the machine restored to its original condition.

Check your machine with a magnet first to avoid disappointment!
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doug (original poster)
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#8: Post by doug (original poster) »

Why adhere them to the drip tray? Even with the larger 3" mirror it just sits upright at any angle.

My biggest issue in using it regularly now is that all of my fave cups are kind of tall, and are opaque ceramic. And I cannot go with wider shorter cups on the Robot. Guess I need a set of glass latte cups when not just doing shots.


#9: Post by godlyone »

Thanks, works great. Magnets to LM drip tray but heavy enough that it doesn't matter if it sticks


#10: Post by DaveB »

Willinak wrote:Excellent Doug! I just got this but I think I like your idea better!
I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the one you have. I love mine. Not only is it 1/2 the price of the other setup, it's extremely unobtrusive when flattened, and is perfect for travel. Plus it's unbreakable!
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