Two ounce pour with or without crema?

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My espresso game has been elevated with my new equipment.. i have had it for about a month and i am still learning everyday... i went to get some beans yesterday at Pablo's in Denver and stayed a while to spy on the barista's technique...

when they pour their 2 shots, it is about 1/4cup (2oz) of espresso + the crema up to the 1/3 cup line... with this in mind i went home to my "standard" process and i get 2oz in 25-30sec including the crema...

so my question to the fora, does the 2oz pour in 25-30sec guideline include or exclude the crema... :?:


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The two ounces includes the crema; searching on 'volume' yielded several other threads that expound on this question (click here). That said, I prefer Andy's Brewing ratios for espresso beverages for comparing notes because the ratio it isn't influenced by crema volume.
Dan Kehn

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As Dan points out, it includes the crema. Don't take that volume/time ratio as gospel. It is simply a recommended starting point. Once you have the basics down and can produce a consistent product you can start playing with the extraction space. Different coffees will work better at different doses/timing/volume. The barista you were watching may have been jamming 20 grams in his basket. I like to ask the barista about their brew parameters just to keep things in perspective. It also let you know how much he know about his craft. If he/she spits out the dose, temp, volume off the top of their head you found a winner. Sadly, most will just give you a blank stare.
Dave Stephens