Soupy puck syndrome

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I'm suffering from the soupy puck syndrome (sps).

Since I started using fresh beans my espresso's taste good... they look good with the crema rising like Guinness beer... they take about 25 seconds for a 2oz shot, and the first drop will take about 10 seconds to come through, on the standard double spouted PF. I have a Silvia with PID and constant pressure mod. Temp. is 105oC (221F)

Is this wet puck something I'm doing wrong, or just a quirk from the pressure modded silvia?


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#2: Post by TimEggers »


More seriously if the espresso tastes good the resulting puck is of little value. Did Michelangelo worry about the shavings across his sculpting room floor?
Tim Eggers
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ArnoudB (original poster)

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well it's still annoying to get the soup out of the PF ;-)

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howard seth

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Mr Eggers has made a good point.

However, I have felt your pain, with a different (past) machine. Yes. There really is a nastyness to soup pucks; but I do not own a Silvia, I do not know what can give you those nice tidy dry ones. Someone will soon have a suggestion for you, I figure.


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#5: Post by shadowfax »

ArnoudB wrote:well it's still annoying to get the soup out of the PF ;-)
If you don't like cleaning up a soupy puck ( :?: I don't see what the issue is--they still knock out just about as well...), try increasing your dose and making your grind coarser. the resultant cup will have much different character, and you may have more difficulty getting consistently good shots, but you will almost certainly have drier, prettier pucks.
Nicholas Lundgaard

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Randy G.

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ArnoudB wrote:I'm suffering from the soupy puck syndrome (sps).
I get soupy pucks from my Vibiemme Domobar Super lever paired with a Mazzer Kony... Imagine how annoyed you would be using that equipment! Doesn't bother me at all. I throw the pucks out and keep the espresso. :wink:
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#7: Post by shadowfax »

Randy G. wrote:I throw the pucks out and keep the espresso. :wink:
:shock: Why? You don't like the mushy cookies? 'Spro Soup? Sounds good to me. :P
Nicholas Lundgaard

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ArnoudB wrote:I'm suffering from the soupy puck syndrome (sps).
Use a higher dose of coffee; your espresso will probably suck, but the pucks will be gorgeous.
Jim Schulman

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#9: Post by mckolit »

To get my pucks drier on my machine, which is a single boiler machine, I just leave the portafilter in there while I steam my milk and pour the art. This usually gives enough time for the puck to dry out. Ofcourse if I had to make back to back shots, I'm out of luck. Getting soupy pucks is annoying because of the clean up at the shower screen and surrounding areas. Choking the machine is an absolute nightmare.


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On Vivaldi the soupiness of the puck depends on the moment of removing the portafilter from the group. At least thet is my experience. I never cared for that anyway.
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