Remove Fingerprints on Stainless Steel

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This tip is inexpensive and effective. Stop smearing the oily marks on your Espresso Machine housing when wiping with a damp cloth. Instead, spray a little white vinegar on a paper towel and wipe away the fingerprints that your coffee towel fails to remove. It only takes a few seconds. My wife has been using vinegar to clean the black shiny stovetop for years. I tried it on the stainless housing and it works. My Silvia looks new again.

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Although I've never tried it, in David Mamet's Lakeboat a character says to use near-boiling water.

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microfiber cloths - pick up a pack or two cheap in the automotive section of Wallyworld
They work great as smudge and finderprint erasers.....

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Lysol double-sided disinfecting wipes .. The wipe has a rougher side and a smooth side, good for removing the coffee stains when the 3way discharge gets a little sloppy.

Day-to-day, like after a session, gotta agree with Jon.. Microfiber's are awesome.. I have a particularly nice one for metal.. I sold cutco knives for all of 3 days, and never got around to selling back the sample kit..In it was a nice, microfiber polishing cloth..supposedly has some type of polishing compound worked into it.. All I know is it shines up anita beautifully. First the rough side wipe/then the smooth side, then the cloth.. man oh man.. Anita is as good a mirror as a machine!

On the topic of cleaning... If you dont wanna use Cafiza for soaking your PF's and Baskets and such.. use simple green.. It works better, and quicker. give a quick spray, scrub with a toothbrush, clean as new. Dont backflush with it though :) You can also use Simple Green for cleaning absolutely anything... At full strength.. SimpleGreen is some powerful stuff.. No gloves.. bio-degradeable.. Best cleaner Ive ever used...Smells good too :)

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I've used the liquid that was intended to improve the rinse cyle in a dishwasher. I place a few drops on a microfiber cloth, wipe the machine down, rinse the cloth off and wipe the machine to remove the remaining liquid.


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Vinegar is the magic cleaner. We use it on wood floors, in the carpet cleaner, counter tops, all over. That and a micro fiber cloth. For scratches, I use the impregnated polishing cloths Cape Cod Cloth I think they're called. Work wonders on my watch bracelet.

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Lightly moistened (hit it with the steam wand for 5 seconds) microfibre works wonders and does not leave things smelling like vinegar.
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Try your favorite stainless cleaning ritual on half your machine Then take a clean paper towel and put 1/4 oz of white vinegar on it and wipethe other half. Try it and you will see. Cheap, no smears, fingerprints gone, oil gone. Give it a shot. It works!

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Use the microfibre and cheap well vodka. About as cheap a cleaner you can get. White vinegar is a bit cheaper, but the vodka is far nicer smelling. And it can get you through those longer, tedious cleaning jobs! ; >
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