A mirror for keeping an eye on your espresso pours

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Hi all,

I've mostly been quietly reading up here, and have built out a really wonderful kit based on a Cafelat Robot, a LIDO-E hand grinder, and now a just-arrived Niche Zero grinder. I'm overall still fairly new to espresso brewing, and wanted an easier way to keep an eye on my Robot's portafilter. I wanted to share this great little stainless steel travel mirror I found, whose folding case is also its stand. The mirror quality is surprisingly good, given my primary experience with stainless steel mirrors as the durable-but-terrible examples in remote public restrooms.

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Thanks for the heads-up - I've been looking for something like this since I broke one similar after ours accidentally slid off the drain tray!
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Thanks for posting this! I ordered one and it arrived today. I use my Robot with the gauge facing away so I can lean over to see, which also happens to be a very comfortable way to exert pressure. I place the mirror directly behind, and can easily switch between viewing mirror and gauge.

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Thanks jwhitley for posting this recommendation, I got one for Christmas!

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