Espresso volume includes crema?

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When measuring shot volume do you include in the crema? I'm a newbie just learning how to pull shots so I'm measuring to help dial in as I learn. I measure the volume as I pull it but when the crema dissipates the liquid volume is quite a bit less.


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Great thanks! Seems like I've already read 100s of pages of faqs and posts but there's so much on this site ;-) I had considered weight would be more accurate but it's a bit easier to see volume as I pour. I'll try weighing post shot, should be interesting.


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TheJohnNewton wrote:I'll try weighing post shot, should be interesting.
I've been doing this lately (to the great amusement of my wife). Here's what I know: 50ml = 28g. This is for a shot that is 75% or more crema (by depth) at the end of a 25s pour.

The weighing adventure has shown that a lower volume shot (i.e. 50ml instead of 60ml) comes closer to the 1:2 extraction ratio that I'm holding as a constant.

The answer to the sure-to-be-asked question: yes, it tastes good.



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Andy has been experimenting with weighing the shots . . . but for slightly different reasons. The idea of a brew ratio (total weight of dry coffee used/total weight of extracted espresso) has been really helpful for me. For a little more depth click here.