Empty reservoir nightly??

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Tazza d'oro
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I was just wondering how many actually empty the reservoir of "pour over" machines nightly. I never did it as I constantly add fresh water after every usage.

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I empty mine weekly for cleaning and I very rarely fill it up fully (to ensure freshness of the water).


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I run the tank to nearly empty when I'm testing pourovers. It's perhaps overkill, but once the tank is approaching empty, I dump out any remaining water, briefly rinse it, and then refill at least every other day. Once a week I scrub out the tank. The hookup for the direct plumb to the espresso machine also has a small faucet tee'd into it; I run water for a minute before the first session of the day to refresh the water in the filters.
Dan Kehn

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Interesting, I never empty my reservoir. Since I added the float valve I do not remove the tank, but I do flush an enormous amount of water through the machine. I dump most of the boiler twice a week and my normal flush routine pulls another 30 or so oz per day so the water never really gets 'stale'.
Dave Stephens