Effect of increasing dose has on taste?

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I was wondering what people's opinion are about this.
If you keep the ratios proper, what effect does increasing the dose have on the taste of the shot? I have been experimenting but to be quite frank, I have burned through a lot of coffee (the amount I can afford) and am down to just asking questions. If you increase the dose does it increase bitterness? Acidity? Sweetness?

Just starting to get some reasonably decent shots :)


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#2: Post by RockyIII »

Check out this helpful post that addresses your question:

Espresso 101: How to Adjust Dose and Grind Setting by Taste


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slipchuck (original poster)

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Thanks! Lots of information to grasp! :)
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#4: Post by RyanJE »

All else equal, meaning truly all else's equal... it should only change the amount of your beverage...

Personally. I think that may ring true with VSTs but Jim S found that the bigger baskets had a different "punch" than the smaller as those had a "softer" taste..

Can't recall but it may also have something to do with the rate at which the cup cools..
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#5: Post by dominico »

When dialing in, once I've gotten the shot "balanced", I have a "bland <---> aggressive" scale that I use when I log my shots. Keeping the same brew ratio, if I find a shot too aggressive I drop the dose, if I find it too boring I will increase the dose. If it changes the flow rate too much I will either change baskets or change the grind to get the flow rate back where I want it.
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