Roasting Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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  • BT--Bean Temperature: as measured by thermocouple or thermometer in the bean mass.

    ET--Environmental Temperature: The environmental/air temperature in or around the roast chamber that relates to the average temperature the beans are being exposed to at a particular point in the roast.

    MET--Maximum Environmental Temperature: The maximum environmental temperature the beans are exposed to in the roast environment. Can also refer to the maximum ET the beans are exposed to during the roast.

    RoR-- Rate of Rise of BT degrees(C or F) rise/time(usually per minute)

    RoC-- Rate of Change of ET, positive or negative.

    TC--Thermocouple: A digital thermometer with a wire and probe or wire that is bare at the end with a bead tip or wrapped.

    TC4-- A Arduino based roast monitoring and controlling device developed by the homeroasting community TC4
WP-- Wet processed coffee

DP-- Dry processed coffee

  • Drop temperature: The ET at the time the beans enter the roaster.

    Turnaround Temperature: The BT reading at the point after the beans are dropped when the BT reading begins to increase/turnaround after dropping from the preheat temp.

    Dump: The point when the roast ends.

    Warming Phase: The initial phase of heat being applied to the beans.

    Drying Phase/Stage: The first part of the roast where the beans are dried to the proper level.

    Ramp Phase/Stage : The phase/stage after the drying up to 1st crack where the heat applied is generally increased. Maillard reactions are occurring and then sugars.

    First Crack: A popping sound similar to popcorn where moisture is released

    Second Crack: A snapping sound similar to rice krispies where co2 is released

    Conduction: Heat applied by direct contact

    Convection: Heat applied by air

    Radiant: Heat applied by radiance off of a surface, heating element, infra red heat

    Exothermic: Where the beans are releasing heat energy

    Endothermic: Where the beans are absorbing heat energy
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Jim Schulman

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It may be time to add:

ROR -- Rate of Rise: The velocity of Bean Temperature measured as degrees (C or F) per time division (usually one minute) More info here: Any way to have a meter display of the degrees rise/ min. rate?

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You might want to add BMP = Bean Mass Probe.

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I've seen "charge" and "drop" used interchangeably and I've also seen "drop" and "eject" used interchangeably.

Can anyone speak with authority on the correct usage of "drop" (if there is a "correct" usage)?