EU Green Coffee Sources List 2023

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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Thank you for the links. I like the idea of supporting a global audience.

I haven't parsed each link, but folks please let us know if anything looks off. I'll tag it as FAQ so it shows up easier with related searches.
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If I may add, we also sell smaller quantities of green coffee for home roasters. In fact, it's a segment we're focusing on more and more, since we also have Aillio Bullet and have grown to love the community.

Here's the link to our coffees:

I apologize if posts like this aren't allowed, but I was hoping we could add our webshop on the list. :)
Selling roasted and green coffee. We buy directly from farmers.
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Nice to meet new green cherry shop. I recommend you to get more varieties.