Top on or off when emptied over night?

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#1: Post by Nickk1066 »

I have got into the habit of emptying the boiler at the end of the day. However I leave the boiler plug off in the assumption that the boiler would then dry out over a period if not used and if I did leave it on that the moist atmosphere wouldn't be good for the insides of the boiler.
I know this wouldn't make much of a difference with one night or day but I can't guarantee that I'll be using it *every* day.

So just out of interest I thought I'd see what others do.
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#2: Post by grong »

If the boiler were left open, a bug might crawl inside looking for a drink, and get stuck in there!

My guess is for long storage the boiler should be dried, perhaps in the sun, so as not to get moldy.

I drain my machine nightly, and then fill it with fresh water, leaving it with the boiler capped. I do use it every day, however.

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I've been for many years simply topping off the boiler in the morning and leaving in the not used water overnight.

The machine is cleaned through a semi type of flush once a month.

When I leave town on a trip, I drain the machine and close 'er up.

Never have I noticed any problems with the water quality or the espresso tasting out of the normal range.

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#4: Post by peacecup »

I leave the leftover water in overnight with the cap on - I assume that metal + air might do some funny oxidizing to the interior of the boiler and the heating element. I drain it in the morning before I refill it.

I'm also in the habit now of gently rocking it to and fro a couple of time before I empty it. This may dislodge any particles left in the pressurestat, which will eventually cause it to fail.

You should also leave the steam valve slightly open after steaming and as the machine cools. This prevents milk from being drawn into the boiler by a vacuume.

You should also pull some hot water through the group after your last shot to flush out any oils or grinds that may be left.

I routinely give a light coat of olive oil to the group head gasket with a q-tip. Also a drop or two applied to the cotter pins on the group keep things smooth. .
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