Packing an Olympia Cremina for Shipping

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At DrGary's request I am posting the information on packing an OIympia Cremina for shipping in a separate thread to make it easier to find. See 1980 Olympia Cremina Rebuild for the rebuild thread.

Having recently come across an Olympia Cremina on the exact opposite side of the country, I put together a sketch for my brother who had the machine packed for shipping.

Here are a few pics of the cremina coming out of its cardboard and plastic cocoon. Unlike the diagram, my brother chose to pack the portafilter, lever handle, steam wand, drip tray, and drip tray grid in a separate box, just to be safe. Bubble wrap and a few layers of plastic wrap did a great job of protecting the body, group, and frame. A plastic bag surrounds the whole machine to catch any water that might still have been in the machine, and a final layer of bubble wrap was applied before it went into the box with the foam peanuts.

Double boxing is key to keeping the machine safe and worth it! I recently packed and shipped a Dampa Lusso (35 pounds) using this same concept and it arrived in great condition.


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This post should be canonized as a sticky.

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So it's easily found, we've moved it into the FAQs and Favorites menu in the Levers forum.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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Even better! I found this post to be jaw dropping - one of the all time greats.