Olimpica Lever and History

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I have acquired this Olimpica lever and thought others might be interested. Here is the beginning of a photo study and my own discovery and also a place for others to share what they may know about this unique gem.

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The little sister of this one ?

From Spain I guess. :wink:

Seacoffee (original poster)

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Yes Sebastien from Spain. I have never seen one before and now I have seen two. Fantastic, do you know anymore about these machines?

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Pictures are from Vincent (Rotchitos), the lever hunter. :wink:

Olimpica is a brand owned by José Girbau Rubinat, from Barcelona, deposited in 1942.

He had an Olimpica shop in Barcelona, that still shows the "Olimpica" sign.

The first machines ("exprès", in the 40s) were looking like that:

And he then produced levers in the 50s, and automatic machines in the 60s as every other constructors.

There is another lever machine (3 group) from a Spanish bar in another HB thread.

Thanks for sharing the lever action, that's very peculiar (as la San Marco) and may help to find the origin of the group (there is no lever group patented by Rubinat). Post as many pictures as you can, that's a pretty rare machine.

Some more historic models from Olimpica >> here > here <<.

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Saw this on Instagram a couple of days ago...glad it went to an HBer so we can learn more about it. That vertically shifting group is fascinating. Wonder what the purpose of that is?
LMWDP #514

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Certainly to overcome the Gaggia patent, which means the group date should be around 52-53.
Did you find one on the boiler ?

Seacoffee (original poster)

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Thank you Sebastien for the info. The machine has been now taken apart in Spain to remove the asbestos. I have asked if they saw a date on the boiler. Here are some pics of the breakdown.

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Oh snap! That is an amazing find. I would trade a lot of equipment for that lever. :shock:

Seacoffee (original poster)

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Hi Cher, I remember when we were all so envious of your pristine Urani

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Will be great to have the same pictures for the groups mechanism. :wink: