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#1: Post by mogogear »

I was actually out of beans this morning( home roasted or even store bought) and so found myself thinking I would run to a store to buy some when I thought "I'll actually go to a espresso shop instead"- since in Portland we boast a high per capita rating! I chose a local small, empty? shop and thought "Where is the closest lever machine serving the public"? So here we are.
For those of us traveling in our normal surroundings or for those of us finding ourselves in a distant place. I, and hopefully many of you, would like to know where to locate an espresso stand that has: A lever machine in operation: a barista staff that is into operating said machine: could pull a drink that we( mostly all )could appreciate.

Share your knowledge here so we can maybe establish a virtual map of places that are worth the trip if any of us are in said town. I actually don't know of one yet in Portland !! But I am now on the prowl.
Peacecup, start it off with the place you suggested to me in Anchorage Alaska!!!
greg moore

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#2: Post by peacecup »

Great idea for a topic - it should be one that stays on the front page for easy access for traveling leverers.

I'll do better than name the shop in Anchorage - here's a photo of George, mid-pull:

Side Street espresso
412 G Street
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 258-9055

There's a line out the door every AM, and somehow George remembers everyone's name.

We also have one right here in Juneau, Made in the Shade, located in:

Rainbow Foods
224 4th St
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 586-6476

Then there's the Good Coffee Company in Seattle.


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#3: Post by hperry »

This is neither very exact or helpful. But about a mile "up the road" from Silverwood Amusement Park near Couer D'Alene, Idaho at the first four way stop after Silverwood going away from Couer D"Alene, is an espresso stand with a lever machine tucked into the corner of a gas station. All drinks are pulled on a commercial lever. Had the only good lattes that I found in Eastern Washington or Western Idaho the three days we were there.
Hal Perry

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Ok a few request:
Please put the city or local that you are documenting in the subject line so this thread is more searchable

- If HB has any preferences if this post should be here or elsewhere- swing away!!

Please be as exact as you can if address is not really known

When dropping into any of these recommended stands / shops/ alters!! Everyone make sure to 'drop' a hint that you are a member of the LMWDP- that will let our baristas know there are compatriots everywhere!! That should maybe get us into the VIP section of their awareness-..... or get a head-nod to " there is a Weird person from the LMWDP here again":lol:

Thanks for the start!

Peacecup great shot and I like the address header!
Hperry- I have driven past Silverwood towards Sand Point many times- I will now drive with " New Eyes " and expectations!!
greg moore

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#5: Post by grindandpull »

Hello all,

I'm an occasional lurker who turned brand spanking new member because I have an idea to make this list more functional (especially as it grows). I set up a frappr map so we can post the locations of espresso bars using lever machines with the idea that it would compliment the text thread. Members can post their discoveries on the thread and then quickly update the map at That way there would be a quick, visual way of searching for locations and then users can search the thread for more info by searching on either the name of the espresso bar or the town. The map might not be a big advantage for people looking to find a place to visit when they fly into a city for work (they could just as easily search the thread for the destination city), but it could make all of the difference for someone driving from, say, Denver to Seattle. They could see if any lever machine bars are along their route without searching on each city name.

Peacecup, I hope you don't mind but I poached one of your finds to start the map. I propose that we follow a protocol in entering information because frappr is set up to map people and not necessarily businesses. When they ask for a name, enter the name of the espresso stand and not your own name. Likewise, you will need the zipcode of the establishment to place the pushpin. If possible, an address and phone number such as Peacecup provided would be great. I entered those in the "shoutout" space for the entry, and if you know the make of lever machine or have comments on the service you got, put them there as well. Once again, here is the link:

Great forum and great community!

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#6: Post by mogogear (original poster) replying to grindandpull »

Nice contribution G&P!!
greg moore

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#7: Post by Latte Jed »

Lever Machines in Boulder Colorado

A recent visit to Boulder, Colorado revealed a large number of Lever Machines in coffee shops.

The Trident Cafe and Booksellers was established in 1982 and is one of the oldest Boulder Coffee shops still in operation. They use a Rancilio 2 group lever machine.

Vic's Espresso has six locations in the Boulder area, four in Boulder, one in Louisville and one in Prospect. The shops all feature wild graphics and two 3-lever Rancilio machines.

I stopped by Joe's Espresso and found two 3-group Rancilios. While I was there a repairman popped off the top of one of the machines. I quizzed the repairman, and he gave me a rundown of all the local machines. He also said Anthology bookshop in Loveland had a 2-group lever machine.

At the Saturday Farmer's Market in Boulder I found Jamaica Joe serving espresso out of his converted 1948 Ford Bread Truck. Inside was a 2-group Lever Rancilio machine.

One of the co-owner's of Vic's was told by the Rancilio salesman that Boulder had the highest concentration of Lever machines outside of Florida, where apparently they have great favor with the Cuban population.

The several baristas I talked with love the lever machine. They say it gives them greater control and that they "pull" a better espresso.

All the shops I saw use the Rancilio Classe 6 Lever Machine. All with Orange panels.

Check out the Rancilio website ( a gray version) ... category=2

Jamaica Joe
Boulder County Farmers Market
13th & Canyon, Boulder, CO

Joe's Espresso
2500 30th St, Boulder, 80301
(303) 444-4207

Trident Bookstore and Cafe
940 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302
303-443-3133. .

Vic's Espresso
2680 Broadway St, Boulder, CO
303 440 8209

Vic's Again Louisville
801 Main St,Broomfield, CO
303 666 1402

Vic's Again
3305 30th St, Boulder, CO
303 440 2918

Vic's Espresso
1800 Broadway St, Boulder, CO

Vic's Espresso
University Hill, Boulder, CO

Vic's Espresso
Tenacity Drive, Prospect, CO

Anthology Book Company
422 East Fourth Street, Loveland, Colorado

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#8: Post by mogogear (original poster) »

Latte Jed wrote:Lever Machines in Boulder Colorado

A recent visit to Boulder, Colorado revealed a large number of Lever Machines in coffee shops.
Man o man o man- Mother lever lode!! another reason to love boulder!! If you can figure how to get those addresses into the map that would be great. If no, no worries, thanks for the contribution(s)..
greg moore

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#9: Post by happytamper »

There is a great coffe shop in the Kensington market with a nice lever machine. The name is i deal coffee.

i deal Coffee
84 Nassua St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1M5

Great spot.

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#10: Post by redbeard00 »

I would need someone who's local to Portland to confirm this, but when I lived there in 2001, there was a cafe/dessert shop called Palio located in Ladd's Addition that had a lever machine. In the last few months I was there, they switched from Illy to Stumptown. I didn't drink the espresso at the time, but I recall one of the employees mentioning that the owner was a fanatic about the lever machine. Maybe someone can verify or update this...
The address of Palio is:
1996 SE Ladd Ave
Portland, OR 97214-4757