What's the story behind your login name?

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#1: Post by Fullsack »

A couple of H-Ber's gave me some pretty funny theories as to what they thought the login "fullsack" means. I bet there are some interesting stories behind many of the logins, here is mine:

Full Sack Jack was a tag-line for my grandfather's fuel and coal business, started in 1903. Coal companies were notorious for shorting their coal customers on delivered quantities, sacks. Our promise was a full sack of coal. We still continue using that trademark to this day, but more recently for the concrete, sand and gravel business.
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#2: Post by ntwkgestapo »

Well, NtwkGestapo comes from a chance meeting I had once a few years back. I'm in Information Security and have been, officially, for about 10-11 years.... Even before that time, I was the "guy" who said "No, You can't do that, it would put the company at risk"... Nowadays, I have both a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and a CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) certifications (I've now proven, more than once, that, YUP, I AM Certifiable! :)).

To fully explain the NtwkGestapo...

A few (8-9) years ago, my local IT manager asked me, as a favor to her, to look @ a fairly high-level manager's laptop PC (he'd talked to the "PC helpdesk" and gotten no resolution to his issues). I looked @ it, determined that the poor Thinkpad had "seen better days" and told the support group to replace the laptop ASAP (the manager was leaving on an international trip that afternoon and really needed his PC for the trip). A few hours later I checked back in with him to verify that he'd been taken care of. He said that it had and wanted to know which manager to thank. That's when I told him that I wasn't a PC support person, that I was in InfoSec and had just done this as a favor to the local IT manager (I wasn't even part of the local site, but was part of "headquarters staff"). One of his direct report managers was in the office and, upon hearing that I was in InfoSec, declared that "OH, You're the Network Gestapo!" (at that time, ONE of the functions I performed was to manage our "SMUT Filtering" software, the software that prevented people from going to undesirable sites, i.e. Playboy.com and others of that ilk). The name stuck! Now I've totally bored folk!
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#3: Post by RapidCoffee »

Nothing even nearly as exciting here. It was Fall 2004, and espresso seemed like a relatively safe new hobby to distract me from my wife's zombie-like first trimester of pregnancy. (Little did I know... :roll:) I was signing up for a CoffeeGeek membership and "OMG I've gotta come up with a handle. What's something I can remember? Let's see... Rapid City (home town)... Rapid Coffee... I can remember that!" And it stuck.

Great thread! :)


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Remember that my first career (35+ years) was in the wine trade, where I worked in everything from production and sales for wineries, to retail, wholesale and importation . . .

Zinfandel has long been a favorite wine of mine, and 1953 is my birthyear -- ergo, Zin1953
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#5: Post by cannonfodder »

I have used my avatar name since I was in college. Online gaming, first person shooters. I was known to run headlong into fire, run and gun, die in a blaze of glory.

1 : soldiers regarded or treated as expendable in battle 2 : an expendable or exploitable person, group, or thing <celebrities who have become cannon fodder for the tabloids>
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#6: Post by ntwkgestapo »

Dave, as former military (US Navy, got out in 1970), YOUR screenname was one that I understood from the start (and I, on occasion, do a bit of "full frontal assault" myself in the computer gaming world! :D).
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#7: Post by cafeIKE »

What?!?!?! Are we opening a café?

You can figure out the rest... :?


#8: Post by IronBarista »

I figured my handle would have been taken but I was surprised no-one beat me to it. I was thinking about the show Iron Chef and an episode of Futurama when Bender becomes the Iron Cook. I need to add my Coffeegeek avatar to here.
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#9: Post by gislipals »

mine's just my name. I'm sure if I'd try anything more clever I'd forget what it was one day :roll:

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#10: Post by espressme »

Who Me??
Because of being well known and ignored over the years as a "Half-vast fund of misinformation and misspelling," the chance to espress myself was natural...
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