Recommended Surge Protectors

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Any recommendations on surge protectors for the home unit. I've got 20 amp service and a new machine on the way. All of the surge protectors at the chain stores are for computers (15A). Thanks in advance for your help.

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The machine in question is a Fiorenzato Bricoletta with 110V.

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The one here: ... reNum=4609
is a 20 amp receptacle with surge suppression built in! Available from Home Depot. Probably similar available from Lowes as well.

ONE thing that people need to understand about Surge Suppressors... they are NOT "lifetime" products! EVERY time the MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistor) in the SSup "cascades over" (protects you from a surge) it LOSES some of it's capacity. MOVs work like "variable resistors" and at their rated voltage they begin to function like a voltage regulator and FOR THE VOLTAGES ABOVE their rating appear as a "short circuit" (they're kind of a bi-polar zener diode, which functions like a BLOCK UNTIL you hit IT's rated voltage. ABOVE that point it "knees" over and, basically, strips the voltage ABOVE it's rated point off. It's a SIMPLE voltage regulator). Each and every time they "trigger" you lose a bit of their rated capacity. SOOOO, expect to REPLACE them every 5 years or so...
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There's a Tripplite that's rated for 1440 watts, but only 15A


Available at TigerDirect.Com for about $60.00

For 20A ... I found something called the 'Brickwall' that's used by some audiophiles.

The cheapest 20A surge protector is from from Panmax

Panamax M2A20 20A Surge Protector (about $45 from Amazon) - this is likely your best bet.

Here's one that handles multiple lighting strikes and is rated at 20A ... 2D120US20A