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#1: Post by Lockman »

Anybody got a "real" favorite? I am destroying my stainless sink. :oops: It needs to be an on the counter model.
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#2: Post by HB »

If size matters to you, Paul Pratt's Bumper knockbox is big and can take a beating. It comes with an extra bump bar and edge cover, just in case you're really really into abuse. Chris' Coffee recently started carrying the more refined Motta knock box. It is similar in diameter to Bumper, but slightly shorter and the top is cut parallel instead of angled like Paul's.

The Motta is polished and the finishing is top notch. Lately the Motta has taken over the spot on my countertop previously reserved for the Bumper. While I liked the Bumper's capacity, the mold that grew in the knockbox during the weeks it took to fill grossed me out.

If you want to save money, there's several of DIY alternatives described in the forums (search on 'knockbox').
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#3: Post by zin1953 »

I've got two Bumpers -- one at home, and one in my office. Very sturdy, very reliable, very well-built!
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#4: Post by Endo »

zin1953 wrote:I've got two Bumpers -- one at home, and one in my office. Very sturdy, very reliable, very well-built!
That's a good thing. Cuz those Chinese made knockboxes like my Breville are just failing all over the place. It's a box! :lol:
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#5: Post by Gus »

I use a 32oz stainless pitcher with a split piece of black rubber hose around the lip. I bought a bunch of pitchers when I was getting started and this seemed like a great second use for what turned out to be a way too big frothing pitcher.


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#6: Post by MDL »

I have been using a Bumper since Chris started selling it. Very convenient (the slope helps to keep splashing in the box), large size and easy to clean. If you let it fill up in a home situation it will most likely develop mold so I dump it every 3 or 4 days and that prevents the problem.

There are cheaper ways to go, but I like the way the Bumper looks and works for me.

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#7: Post by espressoed »

Black Grindenstein for me. Great little knockbox if you're not pulling shots like crazy, otherwise on the small side. I empty mine once I shut down for the day/night.
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#8: Post by mgwolf »

I have a bumper knockbox which I like a lot. I used to have a smallish basic box:( ... s/knockbox) which I found much less functional than the bumper. I only have 2-3 pucks/day, but it's not a problem to empty it every 3-4 days and it cleans up nice with a dish brush in about 10 seconds. Heavy, well thought out, doesn't splatter much, looks nice, etc. I also have used the standard rectangular coffee house type box (at work) which works extremely well but is not nearly as pretty.

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#9: Post by JohnB. »

My counter space is limited so I modified a drawer assy from Lowes for my p/fs, brushes & the Knockout Box from CC & installed it in the cupboard under my machine. ... /knockbox2

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#10: Post by Marshall »

Bumper. Why? In no particular order:
1. The rubber base and thick rubber knock rod keep it quiet, quiet, quiet, and the base prevents damage to the counter surface.
2. Sloped rim keeps splashes inside the box where they belong.
3. Large capacity means I only have to empty it once or twice a week. (I wash it out when I empty it and have never seen mold.)
4. I really like Paul Pratt.
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