Is your espresso habit unhealthy?

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It's that time of year again, the time to think about resolutions. I have my usual list (exercise, sleep more, lose weight), but Chris' quip in How to reduce coffee waste? reminded me of another potential improvement area:
Psyd wrote:...are you asking if you all have a consumption problem?
  • 1. Do you drink coffee alone?
    2. Do you drink coffee to feel better?
    3. Are you drinking coffee more often that you used to, or greater quantities when you do drink?
    4. Do you sometimes have the shakes or other discomfort the next morning?
    5. And does a pick-me-up espresso help make you feel better?
    6. Do close friends say you are acting differently these days?
    7. Are you reducing outside activities that interfere with your coffee drinking?
If you answer yes to all of the above questions, welcome to the club!
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As if that wasn't enough, Steve sent me a link to this video:
I laughed so hard at the closing lines:
Dad: "Where'd you get this! Who taught you how to use this thing?" [holding up espresso machine]
Son: "You! You alright! I learned from watching you!" [runs away]
Dad mutters: "Dammit Billy... [sniffs coffee] At least he's using good beans."
Which leads to the (semi-serious) poll question: Is your espresso habit unhealthy?
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Yes, the video is freakin' HILarious! LOL! :lol:

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Unhealthy? Only to my wallet. :lol:

Video is great, thanks for sharing.

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My coffee habit is not unhealthy. I drink because I want to.. not because I have to. I can quit any time I want. All my friends are wrong. You're wrong. I'm just fine. I'm not in denial. No I aren't. Yes you am. Just because I own two espresso machines, five coffee grinders (seven counting my two hand grinders), five vac pots, and seven coffee roasters does not mean I have a problem. :shock: - 2000-2023 - a good run, its time is done

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Hello, My name is Richard. I am a recovering non-caffeine addict :twisted:

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See 12 Steps

Ok, more geared towards home roasting. But hey I literally mortgaged the house to open a Roastery Espresso Cafe so what the heck. So yes, espresso habit can be unhealthy causing lack of sleep and long hours slaving to bring nirvanna to the masses! :lol:
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"No, I do not have a problem. Coffee is healthy for me... in fact it's much healthier then anything else I drink, eat or breathe (no, I don't smoke, use drugs, abuse alcochol nor cook in microwaves). I ___________________* and I see the results."

* fill-in with whatever makes you happy to do with your coffee :D

* I do some Chinese Medicine tricks, but yet traditionally some authorities may claim that cereal coffee is healthy while the normal is not; it is debatable however and in my opinion comes down to caffeine (overtake:).
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Back in the '70's I drank 12-20 12oz cups of drip coffee (and yes, I had issues! :D). Nowadays I go for QUALITY over quantity and only drink a 4 (single) shot Americano in the morning (hey, what's available @ work is "less than quality") and I drink a couple of doubles in the evening (sometimes as a Cappa, sometimes straight). Soooo, NO, I don't think my coffee habit is "unhealthy"!
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No, to both mental/behavioral & physical health. So far, drinking 4-6 espressos per day (for the last several years) has not had any negative effects. When on vacation with exception of an occasional decent cup of tea I stop drinking coffee & espresso. No physical or emotional problems kick in. FrenchPress coffee is another story.

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