I've set him on the road to ruin

Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.
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My father has been visiting.

On a side note - why is it that parents always choose to visit at the absolute worst time? We live in a tiny craftsman bungelow. My parents are staying with us. They arrived three days after I had surgery in the midst of a work week from hell for Valerie and directly in the peak planning period for the Northwest Regional Barista Comp.

Anyway... as I said, my father has been visiting.
He drinks a lot of coffee. He is a big fan of Peet's. Drinks autodrip Peet's coffee. Yumm... (said with deep irony).
When he drinks espresso, he drinks a 16oz latte with sugar.

They have been here for almost a week now.
I don't have any 12oz latte cups (much less 16oz ones).
In the beginning I was making him single shot 5.5oz "piccolo lattes" - sweetened. I got the usual, "wow! Did you do that on purpose?" when he saw the latte art.
But each day I've offered him a taste of my drink. I started off drinking double cappuccinos, then macchiatos and now straight shots.
I thought I was being quite clever.
This morning he said to me, "okay, I give. Make me a cappuccino."

And then, after finishing the drink, he said, "so what sort of espresso machine should I buy."

I've set him on the road to ruin.
What's in the cup is what matters.

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malachi wrote:And then, after finishing the drink, he said, "so what sort of espresso machine should I buy."
You are indeed evil.
Dan Kehn

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#3: Post by gscace »

There's almost nuthin that makes my heart go pitter pat like ruining $ or Peet$ for someone and setting them on that road with their own handbasket. Bwaaaaahahahahahahahaha!


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I'm a law student, and have study group meetings at my house. As you can imagine, law students darn near live on coffee. I used to break out the vac pot when they came over, and would get "whoa ... what the hell is that thing??" Now days I make them espresso drinks. No matter what they ask for, I make them a cappa (they don't know enough to know better). The only consideration I make is put some sugar in if they want it. I always get "wow ... this is best [latte/cappa/mocha/etc] I've ever had" and they are ruined for $. Muahahahahaa!!

Additionally, my wife was skeptical about this whole home espresso thing ... but now that we have it, she went by $ the other day, came home and dumped it out, saying "ugh ... this is horrible..."'

Love it.

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#5: Post by Grant »

Thank you espresso.....

I was just recently thinking (actually my wife brought it up) about how this espresso obsession of mine started. Looking back, I can thank espresso for turning a horrible vacation into a great one....

About a year ago, I took my wife to Cuba. I loved everything about it, but soon (I think it was only my second meal on our first day there) I decided (well..more like it was decided for me) I couldn't continue to eat most of the food there any more - acid reflux, just horrible tasting food, spending 1/2 my day on the toilet....you name it. Anyways...as the third day started and our vacation continued miserably, I realized I would soon be eating nothing but bread, some plain pasta, and some fruit. It was then I noticed that there seemed to be an espresso machine on every bar and everywhere you looked. But, no one was using them.

So...for breakfast that morning with my bread and water, I ordered up an espresso....and loved it. I had about three more before breakfast was over. I had never had a "good" espresso before...nor had I ever been that wired! Soon, I was ordering an espresso every time I passed a machine. My wife thought me insane. Looking back over the course of the next 12 days, I added over one hundred espressos and cappuccinos to my diet of fruit, bread and plain pasta. Every bartender and waiter on the resort would turn to the espresso machine as soon as they saw me coming and would begin creating a shot for me. Often, if we were sitting by a poolside bar having a drink, the bartenders would often bring over both an espresso and a cappuccino for me to drink without me even seeing them. I slept little. I danced a lot. I lost weight. I thank espresso for single handedly creating a memory that will last a lifetime and saving my vacation.


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It's just coffee.

So why do I spend so much time thinking about it?

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It's always heartwarming to hear tales of adult children corrupting their parents in wonderful ways!

I do it do with mine every chance I have, especially in the kitchen... :twisted:

Keep up the good work!