How to conceal your new equipment purchase from the spouse

Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.

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This didn't work for long :shock: - I'll be looking for ideas for the next piece of hardware!


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Funny. :lol:

I know you're joking but on some other hobbyist websites that I frequent it's shocking how many guys really do hide and lie about high-dollar purchases from spouses. Some guys do it very regularly. I'm really thankful that my wife and I don't have a relationship with that kind of deception!

They even start threads about the best methods of hiding, say, a new electric bass from your spouse and how to smuggle it in. :roll:


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Heh - reminds me of a story 'bout a young man, a shiny new Les Paul Jr, and a few missing head of cattle...




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No kidding. I'm new to espresso machines, it was rather conspicuous when a machine showed up in the kitchen. On the other hand, I fish and have bird dogs, so she's used to it from new fly rods, puppies, and shotguns showing up unannounced. God love a forgiving woman.

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Oh yeah - there's my favorite passion - quail hunting. But the old shorthair now has pretty bad arthritis (the hardest-working living thing I've ever known and he gets 9 months a year off) and I haven't seen a decent covey in north missouri in three or four years! This year looks like it may be better though.




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Hiding coffee machines is a matter of expectation... I keep trying to persuade my wife that something scary is going to arrive, like a six group Faema Nettuno or a 25kg roaster. A single group machine comes as a bit of a relief for her and in self-defence she now wants either a President or a Marte for herself (its either self defence or perhaps a touch of Stockholm syndrome, I am not the one to decide :D ).


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I've been checking craigslist for roasters and found this deal. Try hiding this large roaster in the garage! From the photo below it just looks like a bunch of metal that can perhaps blend it with the rest of the junk in the garage.

It's a good deal though! I would be saving so much money at this deep discount! Usually $120,000 marked down to $39,000 on craigslist.

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That is hilarious; I like the lamp shade Mazzer. :lol:

The last machine I got, I told the wife I had a box of espresso machine parts coming, I just did not tell her all the parts were assembled into a machine. She gave me that 'roll the eyes' look when it arrived.
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Need to try this one...

LOL :lol:

Brads, when I upgraded to my Kony my wife knew it was coming but I choose to pick the week that she was out of the Country on a business trip to have it delivered. :P

She always brings me back coffee too.

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Brad, if you rigged it so that each time you turned on the machine a light would go on, you just
might have gotten away with it.