How much have you spent on espresso equipment?

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How much have you spent on espresso equipment?

Greater than $3000
$2500 - $3000
$2000 - $2499
$1500 - $1999
$1000 - $1499
$500 - $999
Less than $500
Other (explain)
Total votes: 140

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#1: Post by HB »

This site's full-length reviews feature espresso machines costing more than $1000. Looking at the cost of energy and the currency exchange rate, the prospect of high-end equipment prices staying steady looks bleak:

Euro versus the US Dollar over the past five years

At some point I apparently decided it was normal to spend serious sums of money on producing a mere two ounces of liquid. How about you... How much have you spent - or plan to spend in the near future - on espresso equipment?

Optional follow-up question: Do you find yourself frequently justifying your expenditures to non-espresso enthusiasts?
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#2: Post by JD »


I must justify it with my wife. I plan on upgrading in the near future and will probably spend on a new grinder 400 dollars and if I can swing it, I have been eyeing the S1 as the utimate upgrade. So I would say over 2 grand in the next year. :wink:

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#3: Post by Psyd »

Kind of a trick question. D'ya want the amount that my present kit costs, or what I paid for it? ALL my kit, or just the stuff I'm using right now. Does the Travel Silvia and Rocky Combo count? What about all the tampers and pitchers and thermometers and test equipment and... wheew! I think I'd need an accountant and a much more specific question. The kitchen contains over $10,000 in parts, pieces, and machinery, retail. What about the plumbing and the 240V drop? 'Zat count?
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#4: Post by chelya »

Greater then $3000 and counting. Ouch.
Let's add ~400-500 yearly beans expense on top of that. Now this one is recurring. Every single year.

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HB (original poster)

#5: Post by HB (original poster) »

Psyd wrote:Kind of a trick question. D'ya want the amount that my present kit costs, or what I paid for it?
How about what you paid for your current setup, not including prior purchases. For example, if you upgraded twice and sold your prior gear, we can simplify by not treating them as part of your current investment. Of course, if you kept all your prior upgrades for old time's sake, they would count towards your total.

(It's pretty safe to say that if you're in that situation, you're in the $3000+ crowd.)
Dan Kehn

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#6: Post by jrtatl »

"can you see the tears roll down my cheek?"

-stevie ray vaughan The Sky Is Cryin'

Dr Jim

#7: Post by Dr Jim »

Hard question to answer - hence the 'other' response, even if I do end up on the Group 'W' bench ...

Amazingly enough, the current espresso setup (Machine, Grinder, and Roaster) comes in at less than $1400. Which, considering that the Gene Cafe roaster was purchased new, rather surprises me...

Even more spooky is that fact that with 3 full-time espresso drinkers, we look at full amortizing this cost in something like 12-14 weeks, since we all went from spending in excess of $150/week at the Mermaid to something under $25/week for green coffee, electricity, and other miscellaneous expenses.




#8: Post by bobroseman »

It's amazing how making 2 or 3 grande lattes a day at home will more than pay for an S1, in a very short time. Maybe if I pushed my family into drinking 5 or 6 a day, I could justify a GS3. :)

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#9: Post by TimothyJohn »

Espresso equipment, etc.: 3k+.
Having great espresso everyday: priceless


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#10: Post by JonR10 »

I answered $2500 - $3000 because that's my current kit's cost.
Overall I have spent well over $3k

Follow-up - NO, I never feel the need to justify my expenditure and setup.
Most folks that know me well would expect no less, and then they come over and try the coffee drinks :wink: