How many coffees a day do you drink?

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How many coffees do you consume on an average day?

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#1: Post by bach »

Hi fellow coffee makers,

So I'm curious to hear how many coffees you all consume on an average day? It's one of those interesting things with this hobby - there's a physical limit to how many coffees I can drink before feeling awful :(

I average around 3 normal doubles and 1 decaf a day. This seems to be about the limit I can do without it affecting me negatively. Though I do kinda wish I had capacity for more.

What about you?

It's ok, this is a safe space here. :mrgreen:

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#2: Post by redbone »

Mon-Fri work week 1-2. Affected by caffeine and since I drink little of it I might as well make it good. Weekends or days off 2-3.

I typically drink a double espresso.
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#3: Post by DaveB »

I usually start my day with 3 doubles, and a couple hours later I have another with breakfast. I'll usually have a latte as a "recovery beverage" after bike ride/hike/run, often followed with a straight shot. Then one in the early evening, and if I have company I'll have a 1/2 shot in an affagoto (with a dash of Frangelico).

My house espresso Josuma Malabar Gold is said to be high-octane; FWIW I'm able to sleep with no problem an hour or so after a shot.
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#4: Post by »

I have at least 2 doubles every morning. Occasionally, I make myself a latte as well. I've tended to randomly have a double in the evening after dinner, but since getting the BDB it's been daily.

If I could financially afford to drink more, I would, but coffee can get expensive if you're drinking and experimenting a ton!

As a side note, I used to think I didn't need coffee. This was until I tried going a few days without it and it was really uncomfortable. So, now I'm not delusional. I love it, but I also need it. :lol:
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#5: Post by Iowa_Boy »

During week: 1 double as an Americano in the AM. When I get home in evening 1-2 doubles depending on mood. Fortunately no issues sleeping as caffeine at night doesn't affect me too much.
Weekend: 2 doubles in AM, 2 sometime in afternoon.


#6: Post by pip »

1-2 during the week. 2-3 on the weekends with consumption later in the afternoon being ok during the weekends. During the week with work stress I tend to be a bit more sensitive to the caffeine.


#7: Post by U2jewel »

About 100g.
That's like roughly 5 pour overs and a couple of double espressos, either as is, or made into iced Americano.


#8: Post by BaristaBob »

I drink two double espressos in the morning (flat whites). Another double in the afternoon. One single shot decaf via my Nespresso Pixie as a

I'd like more but one day I consumed 14 double shots and almost landed in the hospital. :shock:

Now I know my limit and stay well clear of the danger zone. 8)
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bach (original poster)

#9: Post by bach (original poster) »

BaristaBob wrote: I'd like more but one day I consumed 14 double shots and almost landed in the hospital. :shock:

Did you have a new toy or something? This is some next-level coffee drinking commitment.


#10: Post by BaristaBob replying to bach »

Just a really long and stressful day at work...and a terrible Starbucks habit at the time!

Now that I have my own equipment, I can barely tolerate Starbucks! :lol:
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