E61 active group heat using pump inline w/thermosyphon loop

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MOSFET wrote:My question may have been missed. Directed at Sean, but anyone can answer. Has the circulation pump idea been matured? Last I read was Andy and Sean discussing a far too expensive pump. Since asking the question I found the Taco 00 series circulators which are cheap and even cheaper on Ebay. They are for potable water and can withstand 125PSI and 125C. They're used in solar systems (solar ENERGY systems) and in other fresh water applications.

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I am currently on a second generation of the pump system.

Proof of concept:
° Idex micropump with external plumbing.
° Custom water injector design in the Thermosyphon loop to induce flow.
° Fixed flow system
° >$1,100

° Custom pump.
° Inline with Thermosyphon loop to induce flow.
° Fixed flow system.
° $400

Gen1 rev. a:
° Added variable flow control.

° System integrated into boiler fitting.
° Variable Flow
° Temperature control of flow
° Turbulators added to system to eliminate laminar flow issues into the boiler.

Gen2 rev. a:
° Flow control for group added
° New control unit added to allow generation of ~20psi pre-infuse with circ system on vibe pump/bottle fed systems.

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