What's with the clumps?

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just got my new rocky doserless (this one a 220v, replacing the 110v version which doesn't work on powergrid here in China, long story) and getting a fair number of clumps dropping into the filter basket. do i need to adjust the grind? or is there something else going on?

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Doserless grinders are clumpy
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The Rocky does create clumps, and the doserless models tend to present this more dramatically becauee the doser tends to break the clumps to some degree. Use the WDT to "stir" the ground coffee in the portafilter before whatever your leveling/dose control/tamping.
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#4: Post by fredfal »

Agreed with WDT recommendation.
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snaab (original poster)
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thanks all. WDT it is. (maybe next time I'll try doing a little more research on the site before i throw out a question that's probably been answered here many times over!)

FWIW though, i have never had this "problem" before and had been using my rocky for about 2 years. but then i probably shouldn't be surprised that moving to China, buying a new 220v rocky and trying out new types of beans might mean some other minor adjustments, too.

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#6: Post by danno »

Different beans and roasts affect clumping, no doubt. Ambient humidity might have an impact, too. It's all part of the fun.