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Does someone have a suggested small vacuum for cleaning a grinder such as the CMH?



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great question! i've been looking for a while now for something that also is good at picking up stray countertop grounds.
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There's those computer keyboard vacs. :roll:


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#4: Post by HB »

It's low tech, but I like this cheap mini whisk and dust pan for sweeping up coffee grounds:

For the grinder, here's my tool of choice:

Acid brushes from the paint store
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Ducatista (original poster)

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Thanks... I too like the brushes that Dan suggests... but would still like to find a vacuum that works well for cleaning in and around grinders.

Thanks in advance.

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#6: Post by cafeIKE »

Since you didn't like the Keyboard vac


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#7: Post by kahvedelisi »

I guess you're looking for something like this (with hose attachment for easy access etc) -->

We have a similar one (philips) and very pleased with it, but I couldn't find it at online usa shops :)
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Ducatista (original poster)

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Thanks... that Vacuum does look good!

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#9: Post by espressme »

My 1¢
I like my little Shark. The small end just fits the grinder exit chute of my Mazzer. Mine says 1000watts. That's about a half horse +. It really is light and handy. I can clean the Doser on my other grinder as well. Goodwill® has them from time to time for under $10. A new filter costs that much but it is easy to clean and reusable. Ebay / Amazon has them really cheap too.

PS I had the Little Dirt Devil and it didn't perform half so well and was clunky to use. The hose exited at an odd angle and that got in the way.
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#10: Post by zin1953 »

These are my choice, too! At 50¢ a brush, they're hard to beat . . .
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