Need tips to unlock stuck adjustment of used grinder

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I've bought a second hand Fiorenzato T80. (very cheap but in dirty condition)
I can't move the grind adjustment wheel at all.

I've used WD-40 and a hair dryer to weaken the old coffee oils with no results so far :-(
Maybe I should use freeze & release?
Does anybody has some tips to unlock the frozen grind adjustment wheel?

Many thanks in advance

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Try vacuuming from the top and then turning grinder on, repeat a few times.

Likely this will do absolutely nothing - but you had to that anyway so it was worth a shot.

Next options:

1. Get a belt type tool (it's used to change oil filters) and use that to unscrew ... wrench.jpg

2. Stick in several large bolts into the screw holes where the handle goes - use this leverage to your benefit - just remember... make sure the bolts are strong or they will just break.

once you do get it taken apart, use a needle or toothpick to run along the threads (on both the top collar and the grinder body) to get all the nasty old coffee out.

Once it is perfectly clean, some people advocate putting some food grade lubricant on the threads.
Remember to check the direction of the threads, most are reverse threads

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heat and a strap wrench are the safest approach. Adding any liquid can cause expansion of the grounds. I don't recommend adding any lubricant after the collar is removed and cleaned. This will cause gumming up in the future. Because the threads are deep and tight I highly recommend running a toothpick or something with a fine point along both sides of the threads as binding tends to happen at the bottom of the thread grooves. As a collar starts to get stiff this approach should be part of maintenance.
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I tried with a hair dryer to heat it up with no results.
But with a heat gun it worked very well. I didn't use a strap wrench. Most strap wrenches I found had a too thick strap so I used simply a strap to unscrew the adjustment ring.

I'm so happy I can begin to clean the grinder...