Mazzer Super Jolly (2-liter bottle) doserless modification

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Edited 3-11-07: Please note that I have replaced the original post with this the latest version of the mod. The prototype used a green plastic bottle. Enjoy!


I was sipping on the last of the Mountain Dew in a bottle and all of a sudden something felt familiar in my hands. It was from when I removed the doser off my new-to-me Super Jolly! Ding a light bulb went off. Preferring doserless (after my Rocky doserless grinder) I had an idea, but would it work?

It's a perfect fit and best of all I have the basic doserless functionality of a Mazzer Mini-E (minus the timed dosing system) and larger burrs (again over the Rocky) at a fraction of the cost (gotta love ebay finds). The bottle works beautifully to break up any clumps. My first shots (using the WDT without a funnel of any type) extracted beautifully even.

Who will this help most?

This will be the most useful to those who A) prefer doserless B) already use the WDT and C) grind on a per shot basis. Although distribution isn't too bad with this setup it isn't the most perfect and the WDT will make this foolproof. As well as those who hate having to clean a doser and those who don't mind holding the handle there while grinding into it.

Who will this NOT help most?

People who prefer a doser (obviously) and those who don't like to take the time to use the WDT. This set-up is very similar to using a doserless Rancilio Rocky and if that bothers you, this setup may not appeal to you. Those who may not like the look of a cheap plastic bottle bolted to an expensive piece of coffee equipment. But hey it's about function right? ;)


- Cheap
- Easily removed allowing grinder to be completely reverted to its stock configuration if you so choose
- Easy to make, no special tools needed (I used a knife to cut the bottle end off/chute opening, ball point pen or nail to poke the screw holes, one short Philips head screwdriver and regular flat blade screwdriver, clean dry 2-liter bottle with label and adhesive removed and Goo Gone to remove the adhesive left on the bottle from the label)
- No real fuctional need to fashion a backing plate unless you'd prefer the look of one (bottle seals completely around the chute opening)
- Doesn't look too bad
- Simple doserless set-up that works beautifully!
- 99% of grounds drop into basket (a few taps with your chute brush will knock all grounds down into basket)
- Super clean counter tops (wife will love this feature)
- I haven't noticed any static problems when espresso grinding; terrible static when grinding a lot of coffee for drip (see comments below)
- Stock doser lid fits well to complete "the look"
- Easy access to exit chute for brushing between shots


- Ok so maybe a little tacky looking (but if you can use a yogurt cup, you can use a 2-liter bottle!) :)
- If grinding into portafilter handle (as in not just the basket as I do) the bottle opening may be a little off center of the basket, making distribution less than ideal. But with just the basket (my preferred method) this set-up works well
- Portafilter holding fork becomes unuseable for a spouted portafilter (bottomless handles work great)
- Since the bottle causes the doser lid to sit a little higher it may interfere with the adjusting knob if you commonly go from an espresso grind to say a press or drip (for espresso tweaking the knob can simply be moved to a different hole if desired)
- Distribution is affected by how fast the coffee exits the chute. Can potentially fill basket off center or unevenly (WDT eliminates this)

How to build it:

Step 1: Remove the doser

I removed the doser by backing out the two flat heat screws on the bottom with my blade screwdriver. I also removed the two Philips head screws on either side of the exit chute with my short (stubby) Philips screwdriver (keep these, we'll be using them to hold the bottle on).

Step 2: Trim of the bottom of the bottle

I left the label on as a guide. It's vital to cut the bottom off level so that the doser's lid will sit level on top of the bottle! Once done remove the label and then the label adhesive with Goo Gone. Also it goes without saying be sure the bottle is completely clean and dry.

Step 3: Fitting the bottle

Make sure the bottle is level, up against the grinder wall and you have good clearance from the bottle opening to the holding fork. I like a few inches clearance. Too much and grounds may miss the basket where too little will leave you little room to work. Put it where you like although I have noticed that an optimum height is where I have it. When it was lower the grounds filled the basket very unevenly (towards the back). Once level and in place poke the holes for the screws (do one then double check placement before doing the other one).

The optimum placement:

Step 4: Opening for the Exit (Chute)

Using a marker trace the opening needed for the exit chute. Remove the bottle and using a knife cut the opening out being sure to allow plenty of room for the grounds to escape:

Reattach bottle. That's about it. Put on your doser lid if you'd like and enjoy your doserless Super Jolly!

More photos:

You can see that some grounds can hang up in the bottle. But a light tap on the bottle and the bottle will be spotless!

Please share any comments/questions. I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you!
Tim Eggers

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#2: Post by beanmuncher »

A couple of thoughts...

I agree with you that a clear bottle would look better, but you might also want to remove the white ring from the cap (aesthetic reasons only).

An idea that I had for anyone contemplating this who doses into the PF would be to use a heat gun to bend the plastic of the bottle and thereby make it drop directly into the center of the PF.

Just some ideas...

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#3: Post by RapidCoffee »

Nice job, Tim! Any static problems with the plastic? (Nothing apparent in your pix.)

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Thanks guys!

Yeah the white ring is going to be gone in my next version (tomorrow). I am also going to edit the original thread to the finished product/version.

As far as static, I don't see any significant problems at all. I have only used this set-up today mind you, but I am quite pleased with how cleanly the bottle passes the coffee to the basket. The shape and slope (not to mention smooth seamless plastic) works very well for dropping the coffee. What doesn't immediately fall does when I tap on the bottle with the brush I use to clear the chute after grinding. Overall very clean indeed.
Tim Eggers

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#5: Post by HB »

TimEggers wrote:I was sipping on the last of the Mountain Dew in a bottle and all of a sudden something felt familiar in my hands. It was from when I removed the doser off my new-to-me Super Jolly!
That's just too easy. Brilliant!
Dan Kehn

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#6: Post by varuscelli_II »

Great stuff, Tim.

I was rolling around ideas to do something similar with the Mazzer Mini I have to make it doserless. How strange to run across your post at just this time. Again, great stuff.



And it shares an uncanny similarity to my homemade brine shrimp hatchery... :?

Grinding coffee and hatching brine shrimp. Who'd have thought there'd ever be any common ground... :wink:

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#7: Post by beanmuncher »

Now that was a painful pun... common ground...

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#8: Post by varuscelli_II replying to beanmuncher »

Oh, it gets even worse than that. Want to know what I use to filter out the brine shrimp?

And do you want to know why I use this device?

I think it's because brine shrimp and coffee share a common grind. :?

(Sorry, but if you've ever seen brine shrimp eggs, you'll know what I mean.) :wink:

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#9: Post by seitanguy »

Hmmmm... This might be worth a try. My girlfriend doesn't like "the bang bang" that the doser makes when I make coffee in the morning. Just a few questions:

By removing the doser, you open up a huge hole with the motor behind it. Do you have any problems with grinds getting back there? I have noticed other doserless mods cover that area.

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#10: Post by TimEggers (original poster) replying to seitanguy »

No I haven't had any problems with that at all. Like I say the bottle seals around the chute. Although one could fashion (or purchase) a backing plate to complete the look but I doubt it would add a whole lot to the function aspect.
Tim Eggers

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