Mazzer doser lever doesn't return

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Hi All,

My doser crapped out and for the longest time I couldn't figure out why. I'd pull the lever and it wouldn't return.

I found this spring, not loose, but certainly not "set" correctly (so it seemed) inside. It seemed to dislodge easily enough.

Before I crack this thing open - which I guess requires a metric allen wrench (and let me know if I'm wrong) - should I start looking for a new spring? Does it appear broken? Has anyone dealt with this problem and is it an easy repair? I just want to know before I start taking this thing apart and cause myself more trouble.



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One day I had some espresso equipment on the kitchen center island and our youngest decided it might be fun to pull on the cords. The Mazzer Mini came crashing down, gouging the wood floor, snapping off the adjustment arm, and denting the doser cylinder. He was not hurt, though I did cry. :cry:

Months later the replacement doser cylinder came in and I went about replacing it. You're right, the bottom is held on by two metric Allen screws (4mm, IIRC). It has a simple spring-loaded latch mechanism. The spring in your picture is the doser bolt spring and it doesn't appear to be broken.
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Thank you.

And thank you for the metric size info.

Probably the only thing I will need that particular wrench for! LOL



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This is a good picture that cremacafe sent me of the entire doser spring setup.. The big spring is the one you really need to worry about.. when you get that set the lever will return.