Flat vs. conical burrs

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i currently have a mazzer mini e that i am using with my vivaldi II and wanted to upgrade to one of the larger mazzer doserless grinders. what are the pros and cons of conical vs flat burrs? i was thinking about a kony or a major. is there something else i should be considering?

this is for home use so speed is not a problem, just looking to improve the quality and taste of my shots. while the mini e is good, im thinking i can do better and can for sure do without the clumping :mrgreen:

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Its my understanding the large flats and large conicals are both good choices, with neither setup really "better" then the other, but different.

The Large conicals, like the Robur, Kony, M7, MXK, These grinders will allow for more, separation of flavors and clarity in the cup. The Large flats, like the Major, Superjolly etc etc.. Tend to favor the darker, heavier notes in the cups, like the chocolates, caramels, even things like smoke and tobacco too.

As for speed, I have a major, which is fast. Much faster then I need, but Im used to it now, probably couldn't go back.

As for clumping.. I would think that most of the clumping is caused by the doserless setup, with the screen across the exit chute. I can at least say for the major.. No clumping whatsoever.

Surely a major would be a nice upgrade from the Mini, as would a Kony or a Robur. I would say your decision should be based on which coffee's you enjoy more.. Do you like the more acidic, fruitier blends? Or do you tend to favor the Chocolate bombs? Most likely you enjoy both.. Tell ya what, hang onto the mini and pick up a kony, even a robur. Then you can see which produces a shot you like better, or maybe you'll want to keep both.

If this helps.. with my major, Im slowly saving for a large conical, but Im keeping the major. Ill probably end up with a Kony, dosered.

michael (original poster)

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and whats the difference between the major and the royal?

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Have a look at the grind retention in large commercial grinders thread. The amount of grinds retained in the big doserless Mazzer conicals does not look like the best choice for home users.

There's a whole bunch of us in a group buy of the Elektra Nino at the moment, which retains much less in the way of grinds. See the Elektra Nino thread for more on that.

In many ways grind retention looks easier to manage on the dosered grinders, despite the hassle of having to clear the chute and brush out the doser.... You can at least poke a paintbrush end in there to clear the chute (no anti-static/anti-clumping grids)...


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michael wrote:what are the pros and cons of conical vs flat burrs?
See Flavor profile and grinder burrs for a short answer and the Titan Grinder Project for a long one. For a variety of sources answering this question, search on Flat vs. conical burrs.
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michael wrote:and whats the difference between the major and the royal?
See What model Mazzer Major do I have?
Dan Kehn

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I thought one of the ways to overcome the grind retention in the kony conical was:

With the electronic model, to set it up for a 2-3 second dose, to throw away set on the single button

then go ahead on the double dose which is around 8-9 seconds depending and should be all fresh grinds

Things that are stuck along the way and don't move, probably don't affect taste (does it?)