Yet another way of making your own bottomless portafilter

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Hallo everybody!

I do not know if this has been done before, but I have decided to post my experiences anyway. I know I am running the risk of more experienced home baristas or coffee geeks telling me to spare them of my comments and search the forums before posting what has been posted before. But please be gentle with this novice; I am still new to the world of espresso and excited about everything there is to it!

There are many ways of cutting your own naked portafilter. There is the "drill around the bottom"-way as for instance presented by Cannonfodder here, there is the "go ahead and use a hole saw"-way as for instance presented by DigMe here and undoubtedly there is many other ways.

My own contribution will be the "a turning lathe will do"-way. Here are some pictures from the process:

As the last picture shows I decided to restrict the hole to 53 mm which is just enough to reveal the entire bottom of the portafilter basket. In the terminology of espresso porn I guess this reflects my modest personality with regard to nakedness. The 53 mm naked portafilter leaves something to the imagination, but who knows, perhaps one day I will go hardcore and extend the hole all the way to 58 mm :shock:

Best regards

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Nice solution and nice job of work.

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Looks good. I followed this guide to make mine. So yes, this has been done before. :D