Removing Portafilter Spout

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I have a double hole spout and I always pull a double shot in one glass. Can I remove the spout and use it without a spout? Thanks...

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#2: Post by Hoenen »

Sure thing, I've had some portafilters where the spout was glued to it. Took quite some force to take it off which included heating, hammering and twisting. But most came off on the first try with a bit of strength.
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If you want to preserve the spouts for later use and you have a table vise, I would recommend you wrap the spouts with a leather strap (like an old belt) and place in the vise. Then you can just turn the handle to unscrew. You can do the same thing with vise-grips, but the table vise allows you more leverage to break the thread glue.
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Hit it with a torch to get the spouts rocket hot. Then grab them with a pot holder and twist. The heat will expand the spout to loosen it and the heat will also break down any thread locker that is on there. You can run it without a spout or get a single spout to screw back on.
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