Packing and shipping 70lb espresso machine

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I have a 70lb ECM Barista (a bit below 60lb if I put all the extras - portafilters, drip tray, baskets, etc.- in a separate package). I need to ship it across the country, and looking through the forums for advice - I wasn't able to find anything recent, all the topics are from 7-10 years ago.

I've been to the UPS store, and they quoted me $160 for packing and $220 for shipping. I like the option of them doing the packing, but it's way too steep.

So, I'd like some advice on:
1) how to pack so that there is non-zero chance of a buyer actually using the machine? Double-boxing, styrofoam plates all around, maybe unscrew steam/hot water valves and place them separately? Put styrofoam around the boiler inside?
2) what shipping company do people use? UPS/Fedex, or are there better (cheaper or safer) options?

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Double boxed and strapped onto a mini pallet and use a trucking company. Other than driving it there yourself, that is the most secure way. - 2000-2023 - a good run, its time is done
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I have found Fedex ground is cheaper for big heavy boxes, but it has been a while

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FedEx ground also considers it acceptable to drop your package out of the back of a moving truck some half mile away from the actual destination and allow it to bounce and roll down the street on that final leg as it settles in a heap of rubble at the front door of the house.

If the item inside is damaged, well, it must not have been properly packaged.

But yes. They are quite reasonable with their rates and if you package accordingly to handle the above situation, you are good to go.
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Don't forget to take the feet off, or you can support the machine on a block of styrofoam into which you cut holes for the feet; the feet are meant to support it in a static environment only. If you let them take weight during shipping, you risk bending the frame. Please don't ask me how I know this. :oops:

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pfa wrote:I've been to the UPS store, and they quoted me $160 for packing and $220 for shipping. I like the option of them doing the packing, but it's way too steep.
One thing to consider is that if you let UPS pack it, they'll take responsibility if it gets damaged during shipment. Otherwise they'll say it wasn't packed to their standards and deny a claim.

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Be careful, the odds they know how to pack it are slim, it's possible they think a big box with bubble wrap and foamies is adequate. The basic insurance is only $100, make sure you're covered for the sale price if it's damaged. Also, try calling a dealer and see if they have an original box they can sell you.


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Worked for FedEx as a package sorter for a few months many years ago...most of my coworkers got the job through their PO. You don't want anything that has the potential to break going through those facilities. I heard multiple coworkers voice pride at throwing packages marked fragile. Even people who were doing their best not to break stuff would still just pull whatever was at the top of a freight container down to the ground...and if that stuff was heavy, well it didn't come down gently. If you can package it so that throwing it off a 12 foot drop won't break it, it's probably safe. Otherwise, send it a different way

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No matter what way you ship it is a risk ..But heaviest box you can get
With soft foam wrapped around it a few times and then bubble wrap as tight as you can get it in box..

I received 8k speakers approx 50 lbs @ and that is how Raven Audio sent them through Fed Ex and they arrived perfect..

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Taking the feet off or using thick thick foam under the machine is the best advice here. I shipped many machines and I use 2" high density foam on all sides and one super thick one for the bottom (with cut outs for the feet to rest in or take the feet off) secure everything with blue tape to the machine (lids, drip tray, wand, electrical cord) and definitely double box it. Double boxing doesn't mean just putting it in 2 boxes. The first box is packed as described above and the second box is 5-8" larger than the first box in all directions. Line the bottom with some packing peanuts. Place the first box inside then fill the voids with more packing peanuts.