Mixing citric acid/sour salt for decalcifying / descaling

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I have been told by posters that I can buy bulk food grade citric acid (also called Sour Salt, although that version comes in large crystals) to decalcify my Gaggia Classic. I still need more info though, apart from the difficulty I am having finding it in any supermarket.

1) Are there different concentrations, and are the sour salt crystals of a different concentration than the citric acid?

2) How much should I use (of each type, if you know) for 1 tank of water (or per how much water?)

Thanks in advance for any replies....

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It's usually not carried in supermarkets, except Indian ones; try home brewing or soap/cosmetics making supplies vendors on the web.

2 tablespoons per liter is roughly the strength of regular lemon juice (try a sip). For the Gaggia, use about 1 to 1.5 table spoons per liter.
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i bought my bulk citric acid from a natural foods market. in your area, try whole foods or any market that sells bulk herbs (for homeopathic medicine). its very cheap too. hope this helps, and good luck.
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If you can't find locally,
Citric Acid @ AmericanSpice.com

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Citric acid salts are also carried by most pharmacies.
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Just for information,
Pharmacy for 14oz. $14.95, Home Brewer supplier: 1# $3.75
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