Making bottomless portafilter for hire

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I got a new vibiemme and want to convert one of the portafilter bottomless. I recall someone in our forum did it for a small fee (and better job than espressoparts i believe). I tried my best to search the forum but no luck. Could anyone let me know by whom and how it was being done?


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Dan Kehn

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Hey Chong,

I see that you are in NY,
stop by in Brooklyn and I can get that PF naked in no time.. and no charge..;)
mail me..

yooncs (original poster)
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Thanks for the quick answer Dan :)
Thanks for the generous offer Juanjo :D

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I think I'm ready for one as well, and do have a spare portafilter. Is there someone on the West Coast who does this?

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Espressoparts will do it for you for a reasonable fee, but you can also do it for yourself with a holesaw and a drill in less than half an hour (for example see the discussion below). That is the option I went for.

How To Make Your Own Naked Portafilter


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there isn't much to it.

for a 58mm pf: a 2 3/8" hole saw w/a small benchtop drill press. follow that up with a few minutes on a spindle sander and you're all set.

it's easier than you might think because the pf spout holds the center of the hole saw nicely. drill it upside down on a nonslip pad (mousepads are excellent). it's almost foolproof. Anyone with much of a shop ought to be able to handle it.
Bruce Campbell

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I have that exact naked portafilter, done by Lino Verna, and purchased through Chris Coffee.
It's a beautiful thing.