How many tampers do you own?

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How many tampers do you own?

5 or more
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#1: Post by HB »

Not including the plastic throwaway tamper that came with your espresso machine, how many tampers do you own?
Dan Kehn

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#2: Post by PureArabica »

Sweet, first vote.
I threw that plastic thing away with the packaging my machine came in.
I own:
A Deluxe Lava Tamp(Red)-Convex
An Aluminum Anodized Reg Barber(also red)-Flat
The Clicker Tamp-Convex
Like them all. All provided by EPNW.

I'd like to get a wood Reg and an espresso craft tamp next, with the tamp base. I love crap like that.
Nick Griffith
Intelligentsia LA

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#3: Post by malachi »

Hard one...

two handles but nine bases.
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#4: Post by Kelpburger »

Lets see. I know I have far too many.

1 RB
1 Stainless steel from Espresso Parts
1 Espro
1 one piece Aluminum with a Jar lid glued to the bottom to fit my Enrico of Italy Lever Machine at the office
1 EspressoCraft Prototype

and a whole batch of tampers of my own design. :)

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#5: Post by OlywaDave »

I've only got 2,

1) EP piston and custom wood handle. My favorite tamp so far and I've used my share. I predict the handle will soon change.

2) Swedish Presso tamp. For those interested I did like the Presso a lot but the piston is way too tall for my taste, other than that a great tamp too.
David White

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#6: Post by beta14ok »

It's a sickness.

1x Espro
1x Lava
1x Thor
3x Reg Barber
4x la Forza
1x Espresso Parts base w/ BMW shifter handle
...oh, and that little plastic thingy

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#7: Post by zin1953 »

Well, I had to say five, but that's misleading -- I still own five espresso machines, and I have ONE tamper for each machine . . .

Two Bumpers (both 58mm, both convex) -- one for the Elektra; one for the La Val
One Espressoparts (49mm, flat) -- for the Olympia
One I-don't-know-what (45mm, flat) -- for the Caravel
One branded "Expobar" (58m, convex) -- originally for an Expobar that I returned, I used it for my Gaggia, but it now sits perfectly in the throat of my Quick Mill Doserless for those rare occasions when I grind decaf . . .
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#8: Post by mhoy »

I only have an Espro click tamper.


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#9: Post by Endo »

Espro as well. Best knob shape and weight distribution. Clicking feature is just a bonus for me.
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#10: Post by aindfan »

I first thought one but then actually counted -

1. Reg barber short aluminum tamper - very uncomfortable, replaced with...
2. Reg barber powder coated

But when I switched to the Ponte Vecchio Lusso, I ended up with...

3. Thor 45mm tamper, seen here.
Dan Fainstein
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