DIY Thermofilter Build

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If anyone is interested in building a Thermofilter, I just finished one, and with lots of help and guidance from a friend, it was quite easy using just the usual tools that most of us have around.

I am glad to share information if anyone is interested.

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I'll bite. Please share how you constructed your thermofilter. It looks simpler than many of the setups I see.
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D4F mentored me as I made this build. Here is how he told me to do it, and, when I did as I was supposed to do everything worked a charm:

The building blocks of the build are: a single (not a double) basket, a package plus of JB-Weld, a guitar string size .011, a short piece of plastic drinking straw, silicone lubricant, drill with a 3/32 metal bit, and a K-type thermocouple.
(To use the TF you will also need a bottomless portafilter and a thermocouple reader).

I took copious pictures while doing this, so if you want to see any step in the process, just ask.

First step was to lube the guitar string and put it through the centermost hole in the bottom of the basket. Then a thin layer of JBWeld was poured into the bottom and let to dry. The wire was then pulled, relubed and re-inserted. Next a 3/32" hole was drilled in the side of the basket and also in the plastic straw, the thermocouple wire was inserted through the side of the basket and into the straw*. And finally another pour of JBWeld covered everything to make a simulated puck.

*The insulation was removed from the TC half way from the straw to the basket so that the JB Weld would adhere to the wire and seal it. It will not seal insulation whether fiberglass or Teflon.