DIY bottomless portafilter block for a level tamp

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I'd been frustrated in my attempts to get a level space on our counter for tamping the bottomless PF with a double basket in it. (The triple basket would sit nearly level on the counter, but the double would not even come close.) I'd tried holding the PF handle in mid-air with just the basket part on the counter (tamps were very uneven), and even went through an old book which, at 1.2cm thick, was just about the right size...but still uneven tamps/pours. Then I thought that a bit of 2 x 4 might work, and I was finally right. The block is very sturdy and my tamps are more even than before.

The idea took a couple of months to come around to. The block itself took about 5 minutes. Here are the results:

It was a simple job: Using a 1" bit, drill 1" or less into the 2" side of a 12" 2x4 (starting with a 12" piece helps for leverage if like me you have no clamps). Using a miter saw, cut the block in half the long way right through the hole you've made. Then lay it down flat, rotate 90 degrees, and cut the block off. Sand it and you're done.

Now, to see if Les can make one out of bird's eye maple to match the tamper...


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Nice job Paul and a very nice alternative to the Bumper Tamper stand.
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Great thinking! Fun too!

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Looks great and very functional. I've been just using a hockey puck. Fits nicely under the pf is black and doesn't take up much room.



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I've just been using this chunk of giant rubber pad that I cut off a bigger chunk at my buddy's shop.

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