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#1: Post by CSME9 »

While looking at some internal pictures of the new Brewtus III on HB yesterday, i noticed the insulated boiler material.
Where can i obtain a similar ( or recommend a better ) SAFE easy to find insulation, do it yourself material for an Isomac TEA .

Thanks, WS

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#2: Post by HB »

From the FAQs, see More on boiler insulation. Ian did a particularly neat job:

FDA Approved 1/2" Extreme Temperature Silicone Rubber
Dan Kehn

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#3: Post by JohnB. »

$151.00 for a 24"X24" sheet?? I'd pay a visit to Lowes & check out the foil backed pipe insulation.

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#4: Post by HB »

Indeed, the melamine foam is considerably less expensive, as Brad's table from the same thread shows:

Dan Kehn

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#5: Post by mhoy »

The melamine is inexpensive and easy to work with. Someone commented that the stuff is used in the Mr.Clean Magic eraser.

Here is a thread with Elektra examples.


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#6: Post by espressme »

And here is another solution from another thread:
H-B thread more..
Izzo Alex boiler insulation
I haven't insulated and am just passing on the info.
richard penney LMWDP #090,

CSME9 (original poster)

#7: Post by CSME9 (original poster) »

Think i am going to use the Melamine Foam McCaster Part 86145K21. Looks like a good compromise.

Thanks, WS

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#8: Post by floydo »

My search was to insulate a steam boiler. After looking at various hard to acquire foam and foil combination materials that would handle the temperatures, I found polyester batting at the local fabric store in various thicknesses, as well as a inner foil laminated thin version that was used to make hot mitts. This material is good to >300deg F per McMaster and other references, and is VERY inexpensive, albeit a bit fluffy, and had very good insulative properties. There are no toxic particles or debris from it. The first time I used it, there was a little heating smell (some volatiles boiled off), but since works great no odors, etc. Heating duty cycle of the boiler was considerably reduced. I used a combo of the mitt insulation and 1/4" layered material. The lifetime supply (you have to buy it in wide widths) cost about $5 for about 10X as much as needed.
Anyway, it ended up being a very simple solution, and was able to conform to various shapes due to the plumbing irregularities. :)

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#9: Post by beatstanfurd »

Anyone tried radiant barriers for insulating the boiler? Reflectix is one brand that is carried by big box stores. I'm assuming the instructions they have on their site for insulating water heaters can be easily modified for boiler application.

water heater application instructions

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#10: Post by cafeIKE »

I've used it for tests and it stands up well enough.

I'm just not comfortable with loose bits of conductive material inside a box with lots of exposed high current capable connectors.