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I recently ordered two pounds of coffee. I received a box with my two lbs, but I also received a second box containing four lbs of different whole bean coffees. This box was supposed to have shipped to another customer, judging by the packing slip. I have emailed the vendor, but I am guessing (hoping) that they will not want these bags back.

I would love to sample these coffees, but I don't want 6 lbs of stale beans. What should I do, to insure that the coffee stays as fresh as possible? I have a Foodsaver, should I foodsave them? Freeze them? Pull a few shots out of each bag and sacrifice the rest of the beans in each bag, in the interest of science?

If it matters, I am using a Vetrano, and a Macap M4 stepless grinder.

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Depending on my planned usage, I divide each pound of a newly arrived shipment into small Mason jars (6 to a pound) or large ones (2 to a pound), then store them in the freezer. Ken's Coffee: To Freeze or Not to Freeze covers this in detail. If I am working through a test cycle and expect to go through coffee quickly (e.g., two or more pounds a week), I will just toss the one pound bags into the freezer. The evening before going to bed, I pull out one pound to defrost. In the morning half or more of the pound will go into the hopper and the rest goes into a large Mason jar for storage in a dark, cool cabinet.
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Thanks, Dan. That was just what I was looking for.