If you had to recommend just one Single Origin coffee for espresso?

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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Along the same lines as the thread "If you had to recommend just one espresso blend," I wanted to hear of some recommendations of SO coffees that work well as espresso. I simply have no idea where to start (and more importantly, what does and does not work for espresso). I do understand, though, it might be quite tough to suggest just one, as there are so many different varieties out there. When posting, perhaps you can give the name of the coffee, the roaster (I am not roasting myself, but I am sure others would benefit from green recommendations if you have them), and a few words on why you like it?

Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing some great replies, and my apologies if such a thread already exists!
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Finca Mauritania, from counterculturecoffee.com

It's fantastic stuff. Wonderful light, fruity notes.

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Currently my fave SO has to be Yemen Sana'ani. I recently got some, roasted by Blue Bottle; it's almost too intense for me as straight espresso, but for cappuccini, oh yeaahh... :D
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I am having tremendous success with a Colombian I got from Cultiva Coffee. It is the Colombian Huila Los Naranjos de San Agustin. Cultiva roasts it just a bit lighter, so not much roast profile comes through - very nice.

The espresso is smooth with a slightly sweet finish. The best part is how stable it seems. Same flavor, same crema day-in, day-out. By far the easiest blend or single origin I have used in the past 4 months.

The cappuccini are tremendous as well. The flavor comes through nicely, but doesn't overpower. I made a latte for my wife, and she thought I added chocolate.


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Last year Coffee Emergency was selling a Yemen Mokha San'ani that was outstanding. I pulled shots on a lever machine and they were better than most I was able to pull with high-end blends. I regret that it is long gone.

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Was it roasted dark?


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Not particularly, as I recall.

It was discussed here:
Coffee Emergency Yemen Mokha San'ani

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My current favorite is Klatch's Sidamo Worka, which has almost surreal (read ferment induced) fruit over chocolate flavors. This coffee is sourced by Ric Rhinehardt, the current SCAA director, and may be available from other roasters as well.
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Harrar, a wild, fruity, complex Harrar. Unfortunately the past couple of years have been good but not outstanding for the African's. This year sounds like it will be promising. I had a blend around 3 years ago, you would have swore it was a cup of melted chocolate covered blueberries.

It sounds like I will have to try out some of Klatch's Sidamo Worka.
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