How many pounds of coffee do you consume per year?

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How much coffee do you consume per year?

1-10 pounds
10-20 pounds
20-30 pounds
30-40 pounds
40-60 pounds
More than some small European villages
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#1: Post by cannonfodder »

I happen to be on business travel this week. So as I sit here flipping through the channels in my hotel I come across a wine show on the history channel, which is followed by the coffee show. Now I have seen this one several times but I still watch it every time.

This time through something caught my eye. The current per capita consumption of coffee in the USA is 9 pounds a year. Then it hits me, 9 pounds? Good grief, I go through over 50 pounds a year, probably more like 60 if I stop to add it up.

So I thought that would make an interesting poll. So how many pounds of coffee bean do you consume per year?
Dave Stephens

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#2: Post by keno »


You're what's known as an outlier! I'm sure most people in these forums consume well over the American average, HB members are certainly not a representative sample. But you're way outta my league.

Between my wife and I we consume about 3 pounds per month. So that's 36 pounds per year total or 18 pounds apiece. But that doesn't account for coffee consumed outside the home (add about another 18 pounds in that case). Now that I've recently started homeroasting I'm sure that number will go up. I read in today's paper that Brazil is forecast to have a really small crop next year and that's pushing up the price of coffee futures.


P.S. Lucky thing all the recent research seems to suggest that coffee is good for your health!

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#3: Post by HB »

I answered 40-60 pounds, but to be fair, that includes a lot of evaluation shots that are sipped and sinked. In a "normal" week with no experimentation, my consumption is around 3/4 pound. I was on vacation during One week with the La Marzocco GS3 and was finishing more than a pound a day. :shock:
Dan Kehn

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#4: Post by cannonfodder (original poster) »

I average a pound a week with an occasional bout of insanity. When I got the Achille to review, I went through around 8 pounds in two weeks. While I did not drink every last drop, I did take at least a sip of each shot. In one month, I have worn a good part of the chrome out of the PF bottom.

I get my greens (I home roast a lot) in ten pound bags and go through several origins per year, plus what I get from the HB sponsors. My Mazzer is probably due for new burrs after two years.
Dave Stephens

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#5: Post by another_jim »

I'm at roughly 1.5 pounds per week; so 75 pounds per year. Not sure why this is at the bleeding end of question, it seems reasonably middle of the road to me.
Jim Schulman

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#6: Post by iginfect »

I'd guestimate 1#/week, given that I roast almost twice a week 11 oz.

The 9# per capita seems believable as there are many non coffee drinkers among adults and then there are kids. The brown water that passes for coffee in most homes/restaurants/gas stations/convenience stores makes this even more credible.


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#7: Post by mikep »

I buy about 1lb/wk for espresso, which covers my wife and me, and then I get between 30-40 lb/yr for afternoon coffee shared with a couple of officemates

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#8: Post by danblev »

As time passes, my total keeps on going up.
Currently I roast 2# about every 4 days on average but I pass some to others. Half of our home use is over the weekend and friends & family drink over half.
An estimate for our home consumption is about 1.5#/week (up from about 1#/week 6 months ago) so that adds up to about 75#/year.
Now that doesn't add up ha... the 2# is green.


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#9: Post by RegulatorJohnson »

im at about 2 lbs. per week.

i have a roaster very very close i ride my bike there, if its not snowing. if the wind blows the right direction i can smell it roasting. i asked them the schedule and now i get coffee still warm, is that fresh enough? they have an awesome espresso blend so i tend to drink a lot of coffee since i have the easy access. ill buy ahead about 3-4 days to let it rest.


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#10: Post by fredfal »

After voting, I feel like a lightweight with a mere 30-40 pounds per year. I'm gonna have to get to work.