How many double espressos do you get per pound of roasted beans?

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How many DOUBLE espressos do you get per pound of roasted beans?

More than 25
Less than 10
Other (explain)
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#1: Post by SF_Marty »

I searched on this in the forums but couldn't find an answer. I already know that the answer "depends" on many things. I'm just trying to ballpark an average number for planning purposes. Feel free to post your average (if known) here.

Chris M.

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#2: Post by Nick »

1 pound = 453.6 grams
8-9 grams per shot + 1-2 grams of waste per shot = 9-11 grams used per shot
50-41 shots per pound.

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#3: Post by HB »

Good question! I converted this to a poll and refined it to assume double espressos. If it's a blend I know well (i.e., few grinder adjustments), then around 25 doubles is possible. Realistically it's more likely in the low twenties. For a completely unknown blend, I'll burn 3-4 shots dialing in if I'm lucky and double that if I'm really unlucky.

I have marks on the grinder collar as "start here" points for a few different blends. A feel of the grinds helps narrow it down too. High moisture content = grind coarser, for example.
Dan Kehn

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#4: Post by another_jim »

I guess nobody is pulling traditional 14 gram doubles and getting 32 cups per pound.
Jim Schulman

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#5: Post by Ken Fox replying to another_jim »

I put about 18g into my double baskets, figure about 2g of waste in the grinder per cup (as an average figure, including the little bit I grind through to clean the chute and doser when the grinder has been idle for a long time), which would be roughly 22+, but allowing for sink shots the real # is probably around 20.

The Harrar Horse SO that I have been using most of the time, lately, is very consistent and as a result I don't have to make as many grinder adjustments and have fewer sink shots. The slow ramp up to pressure in both my machines (now that the rotary has a delay timer) helps to reduce sink shots as well.

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SF_Marty (original poster)
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Thanks for doing this Dan. Appreciate the forum for all the info I've learned.

FWIW my (I assume all) Rocky grinder holds 1/2 pound of roasted coffee and (after dosing and tamping) I'm getting almost-exactly 12 - full, double baskets for my La Pavoni Europiccola. Now, I know the diameter (at ~50mm) of my portafilter is less than most, so I'm curious how does the amount of coffee used by me compare to a more standard 58mm basket? The 24 doubles per pound matches the poll's majority pretty well so is my Pavoni's basket deeper than a wider, 58mm basket?

(Sorry, I don't have one to compare with.)