Forgiving beginner's coffees?

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#1: Post by MyPoison »

Some espresso blends give spectacular results, but are very picky about preparation.
For people just starting, it's hard to hit that sweet spot.

Does anyone have any suggested coffees that are particularly easy to get a decent quality cup out
of? It doesn't have to be great, just drinkable. Training wheels for the fancy stuff.

I've had one suggestion for Starbuck's, since it's readily available and widely used by
moderately skilled baristas.

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#2: Post by chelya »

I think it was discussed before - try to search.

The two from the top of my head are:
intelligentsia Black Cat ... s/blackcat
Caffe Fresco Ambrosia

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#3: Post by another_jim »

In 2004 I had the pleasure of using Counter Culture's Toscano in a home espresso lab; and it pulled good shots for everyone on all equipment. I don't know if they changed the blend since then; if they haven't, it would be my pick.

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#4: Post by BuzzedLightyear »

I find metropolis redline to be VERY forgiving, I always seem to pull a good shot with it

if you are into home roasting Sweet Marias Classic Italian is very forgiving too

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#5: Post by Spencer »

I've found Blue Bottle Coffe's 100 % Yemen Sana'ani and Espresso Temescal very forgiving, but I have noticed that I have to grind finer than I would with coffee from other roasters. In the San Francisco Bay area they deliver to your door, or you can get half pound bags from the cart on Linden.