Dark roast espresso blends

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#1: Post by peacecup »

I'd like to try some darker roast espresso blends. I'm currently drinking a French roast blend from Heritage roasters in Juneau, and I'm liking the sweetness for straight espresso. It looks like its on the light end of the French roast scale to me, so it may be similar to a dark espresso. Anyone have any favorite dark espresso blends, or ideas on the type of beans typically used in a "southern Italian" blend? Mostly interested in straight espresso, no sugar.

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#2: Post by Mark08859 »

I can suggest Peet's Italian roast. Dark but w/o the burnt taste of *$s.

I'd also give Caffe Fresco's Brown Brindle (using the PNG bean) a try. It is a combo of Full City and French Roast.

Additionally, there is Specialty Java's Espresso Allegro blend.

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#3: Post by jesawdy »

Counter Culure's Espresso La Forza is quite nice... see my comments here.

Also, a nice timely discount for the labor day weekend, see the Marketplace forum for details.


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#4: Post by jrtatl »

jesawdy wrote:Counter Culure's Espresso La Forza is quite nice...
I'll second the espresso la forza. One of my all time favs.