How to brew with a Chemex [video]

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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What's in the cup is what matters.

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very cool.

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Entertaining and informative
Dave Stephens

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All of the above, with the addendum that whoever made that video was clearly under the influence of a HUGE amount of Chemex coffee! :lol:

I also like James' old Chemex video. It's a little slower paced and a little more detailed. I feel like it gives a better sense of the technique used during the pouring.

Anyway, cool that there are now two hip Chemex tutorials!
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#5: Post by RAS »

Makes me want to give my Chemex more attention!* Very nice. A question though, and pardon me if the answer is obvious: Are they just rinsing the filter with cold water? Guess you could rinse it with hot which would also preheat the carafe.

Nice to see how they preinfuse the coffee. Next time, I'll let the bloom die down before the main pour.

*I've been using a similar manual method with a big ol' #6 filter cone I got from Sweet Maria's that brews right into my Zojirushi thermal carafe. No preheating of the carafe needed. Very convenient and quick brewing method at 5AM on weekdays :wink:

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What exactly makes Chemex different than just using a melitta cone thing on a jug?
The only thing the Chemex site says is that it's in the museum in New York.
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Just a side note - I hope to publish a new Chemex video in the next week or two.

I learned a lot after posting the first one (some may have seen the coffeed thread), and want to update and incorporate that into a new video. I think the big second pour is probably not the way to go (in my opinion), though it does have the virtue of being repeatable and easy.


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I love my Chemex but don't like the flavor loss of paper filters. To remedy this I ordered several yards of polyester 5 micron filter felt from Mcmaster-Carr. You can cut the material into 12 inch squares and fold them like the paper filters. The filters can be washed and reused. I got this idea from Scott Marquardt who has written an internet instruction page on converting the Aeropress to upside down use for better performance. Marquardt uses the felt filter material instead of the paper filters of the Aeropress.

This felt material allows the coffee oils through that the paper filters block. Makes a big difference in flavor and improves an already excellent coffee maker.


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#9: Post by RAS »

Is this the felt you're talking about?


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That's it.