Coffee on the road quandary

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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#1: Post by edwa »

I'd like to ask a favor and put this out to the general forum to get your thoughts on a dilemma.

Backstory: I'm going to my mother-in-laws in Vermont for a week and leaving my beloved Bricc/Volante. She's somewhat of an invalid and has an old Mr. Coffee and uses preground. I'm not looking to change her world as she depends on what her hands can still do. BUT for my visit I can quit coffee for a week (yikes), grin and bear the Mr Coffee, OR

1) I could send out a press pot and order pre-ground from Terrior Coffee and store it in a freezer as they have suggested
2) Spend a few more dollars and buy a blade grinder and use an inconsistent grind in the press pot. To spend any more would be a waste as the grinder will sit in a cabinet until the every so often that I visit (less than once a year). My wife visits more often but does the "grin and bear it" option.

What do you think is the lesser of 2 evils?

Any other suggestions I haven't thought of? ... besides butching up and gladly, grin and bear it?

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#2: Post by jesawdy »

You need something like this :D

If I am driving, I travel with Rocky and a Press pot. I am assuming you are flying, so...

My preference would be in this order:
  • Press pot and a used burr machine for travel like a Solis Maestro or Maestro Plus, I used to see some plastic press pots, which I would normally avoid but for travel may be a good thing.
    Press pot with a blade grinder or "faux" burr grinder (try TJ Maxx or similar discount store for the pot and grinder), just expect LOTS of sludge
    Press pot with preground
I would like to get something like an Aeropress for travel. Have you seen these yet?

In talking with two coffee professionals that travel, one used an Aeropress and some cheapie grinder, and the other used the Eva Solo brewing pot and a cheapie grinder. By cheapie, I mean a blade or "faux" burr machine. Both really talked up the Eva Solo pot to no end.
Jeff Sawdy

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edwa (original poster)

#3: Post by edwa (original poster) »

The Eva Solo looks nice. Nice video on their website.

It always amused me how nobody talks about clean-up on a press pot this would be even more difficult. There's no garbage disposal at her place so I'll avoid this one. I can just see myself hunched over her trash can trying to fish the grounds out of the narrow neck of the Solo. Still Stumptown Roasters include the Solo in their brewing guide and Terrior Coffee sells them online so that speaks volumes.

What about a moka pot? (Also in the Stumptown guide.)

I think I found a refurbished Cuisinart Burr grinder for $30 online, wouldn't want to spend anymore than that.

Things that make me go "Hmmmm". What are people doing with all that oil after they deep fry those turkeys? :wink:

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Team HB

#4: Post by RapidCoffee »

For portability, it's hard to beat the AeroPress. The AP is small, lightweight, inexpensive, and basically indestructible. I've even taken it backpacking. Easier cleanup than a FP, because you eject the grounds in a puck. FP would be more suitable for larger volumes.

Dunno what to recommend for a portable grinder. (I can't help with the used turkey oil either. :roll: )

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#5: Post by chelya »

I do turkish on the go.
Here is what you are going to need:


And then something like this:

All can be found here:

Also works in the wild with the following device:

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edwa (original poster)

#6: Post by edwa (original poster) »

Thanks everybody. This thread is quickly veering off course BUT jesawdy's reply made sense.

I bought a $30 refurbished Cuisinart grinder and then sent a French Press out to Mom's.

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#7: Post by jesawdy »

I'm pretty intrigued by the Aeropress. I had to laugh when I saw that, yes, it is fact made by Aerobie, the same folks that make the flying rings!

Enjoy the press!
Jeff Sawdy

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#8: Post by cannonfodder »

I take my kitchenaid A9 grinder and a French press to my parents house. When on extended travel (and I am driving not flying), I will take my lever machine and Cimbali JR grinder.
Dave Stephens

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#9: Post by tmaynard »

edwa wrote:quit coffee for a week (yikes), grin and bear the Mr Coffee, OR...
It's just me, of course, but I roast enough to last the duration, seal it in one-way-valve plastic bags, and pack my Zass and press pot.

In a pinch, I'd substitute a whirly-blade for the Zass, and if necessary drop back to the Aeropress -- it depends on how much baggage I'm really willing to carry/check.

Fresh roast, yes: a must.

The Aeropress will make a decent cup of coffee with blade ground beans (30 secs or less, shake vertically while grinding) -- it's rather forgiving in that respect. I like 16.6 grams of beans in a 10 oz cup -- oh! Did I forget to mention my immersion heater and dial thermometer!? Gotta have 'em! Oooh, and my digital scale?! I can do without it in a pinch -- I've calibrated myself reasonably well.

But, I suppose, when push comes to shove, I could drive to Starbucks (/Caribou/Intelligentsia/Peets/...) and know that I'm having something "better" than Mr Coffee --- or I could just lick the road. I've been known to down a Starbucks americano on a road trip before. I could do it again.

Bad coffee beats cold turkey any day (IMHO).

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edwa (original poster)

#10: Post by edwa (original poster) »

Good to hear about the Aeropress, I've been intrigued by it ever since I first read about it. I might have gone that route, but with the 8 cup french press I'll at least be able to make enough for myself and my wife.

At one point I wandered into REI and came across this grinder and contemplated buying it. But, none of the help knew anything about it so I passed. ... AMPING_TOC

Anybody tried one of these?

The refurbed Cuisinart for $30 should work fine. I'll post results when I get there.