Titan Grinder Project provokes upgrade fever - what's the cure?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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#1: Post by Theodore »

And now, having read all the 13 pages of the Titan Grinder Project, I am also infected from the upgrade virus.
I have a Reneka Techno-Mazzer Mini combo, and I ask if I have to upgrade, what should be the first to go, the machine, or the grinder?
And if it is the machine, what should be the new one? Should I give a fortune, to buy something better than the Techno?
And if it is the grinder? I am confused from the many "candidates" there are.
Anyway, I thank all the guys that gave us all that info!
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#2: Post by HB »

The TGP was on hiatus during the holidays, but plans for the final wrapup are underway. I'll need to review my notes to recall the details, however my lasting impression was that the non-Titan Super Jolly fared well against grinders costing more than twice as much, which suggests the cost/value "knee" occurs just beyond the Mazzer Mini's grasp. This prompted my choice for Predictions for espresso in 2008:
HB wrote:2008: Year of the Espresso Grinder - writing has been on the walls for years. For example, It's the Grinder, Stupid was written in 2005, repeating a mantra that began online in alt.coffee, continued through CoffeeGeek, and now is repeated on this site. What's different this time around is that (a) commentary isn't just "your problem is the grinder", it's "if you're getting into espresso and don't budget for a good grinder, you're better off skipping the espresso machine and going with a quality grinder and French press/Aeropress", and (b) discussions like Titan Grinder Project have validated what many long-time online enthusiasts have said, but in a more systematic manner. For the first time in several years, the Mazzer Mini's bigger brothers like the Super Jolly are gaining the attention of many active forum members as a worthy purchase for home espresso enthusiasts.

To clarify, my predication isn't that Titan Grinders will take over the home barista landscape, rather the focus will lessen on brew temperature, brew pressure profiles, and extraction diagnosis in favor of the less glamorous but nonetheless noble espresso grinder.
Your current grinder is the community-wide "go to" grinder, but I do believe you'll see greater consistency with the next step up. Whether that's worth the extra cost is another matter. Your Techno is reputedly among the top double boiler espresso machines (I've never used one). I cannot think of a reason to upgrade it.
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#3: Post by DigMe »

The Titan Grinder Project is solely responsible for my recent actions of seeking out someone who would trade me their Super Jolly for my Mini. I found someone...he wants something smaller and I've got upgraditis. We're trading next week.

Thanks, TGP! :roll:

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