Tips on upgrading from Rancilio Rocky/Silvia combo

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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As many of done in this forum, I am upgrading from the Rocky/Silvia combo. Initially I was not planning on getting rid of Rocky, but it seems like most do. I still am not 100% sure of what I am going to get, but based on my research probably the LaSpaz mini-Vivaldi II...but I so wish it did not have that ugly, big S1 on the front. And only just beginning my grinder research.

Anyway, my request for tips:

01 - If my rocky/silvia were in great/excellent condition and only 4 years old (~3 double espressos per day) how much would you ask? $500? Of course I've looked on ebay, but wanted this crowd's input?

02 - Would you even sell the rocky?

03 - From my research on this and other sites it looks like the Brewtus II and Vivaldi II are the top two double boilers. Any others that I should consider? Should I wait until 2008 when (forget the name) another supposed contender comes out?

04 - Lazy request. I have spent weeks on my espresso machine research and am completely shot and have little energy to research grinders. In my limited research it seems Mazzer and Macap are the top dogs. Yep, skimmed the "Feature Spotlight" on this site. If size is definitely one of the main concerns what are the top couple of choices?

Thanks for your time and energy!

Brandon Bohling

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Rocky/silvia asking price - you could look on CoffeeGeek's Buy, Sell, and Trade forum, Silvia/Rocky come and go there regularly. I would guess around 70% retail.

Sell the rocky? - up to you, it's a solid grinder. Most agree the Mazzer Mini et al are better.

Should I wait until 2008 - you're thinking of Topic: Rumour of Dual Boiler, PID, Rotary Vibiemme: appears to be true.

Lazy request... - sorry, it's Sunday and I feel like a lazy response.
Dan Kehn